Great resume: this is how it works

A great resume is usually structured as a tabular resume. This means that the essential professional career stages are presented briefly and concisely for the HR manager. For applications in the USA, a great resume is without question. Usually, it is even read before the cover letter, as it gives the HR manager a quick and clear overview of the applicant’s qualifications. Therefore, as an applicant, you should take advantage of the chance that a great resume offers you.

What is the form of a great resume?

The question of the shape is easy to answer. Because a great resume is presented as a tabular resume, applicants in this format are best able to give a brief insight into their career. After all, it is clearest.

A great resume usually fits on one A4 page. Because this is only intended to show the most important stations briefly, applicants with a lot of work experience can expand the great resume to two pages. In general, however, this type of resume offers minimal scope and space for your creative ideas due to the given structure.

What must go into a great resume?

However, certain elements and information always belong in the resume – even if you opt for the great variant.

The following:

  • Personal details
  • Description of the professional career
  • Description of the school career
  • Qualifications and skills

Also optional:

  • Signature and date
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Exceptional achievements such as awards or prizes

What is the structure of a great resume?

The great resume considers that the HR manager usually only has a few minutes to look at a candidate’s application documents. So it has to be done quickly. Because of this, this type of resume is kept as great as possible. Applicants can use the following points as a guide if they want to write such a resume for their application:

  1. Simple and straightforward: the essential information must be visible at a glance.
  2. Reverse chronological: the applicant starts with his current position.
  3. Brief: Applicants limit themselves to the essential information.

Therefore, the great resume is usually no longer than an A4 page. The application photo is an optional item. If it is used, it belongs at the top of the resume and is therefore close to the applicant’s data.