Makeup artist resume template

makeup artist resume template

Download makeup artist resume and cover letter templates and customize it


Are you a talented makeup artist with years of experience using mediums applied to the skin to transform or enhance a person’s appearance but can’t seem to fit all your achievements on your resume? Get some ideas from our downloadable makeup artist resume template and job-specific writing tips.

Job Description: what does a makeup artist do?

Fake noses and eyelashes, wigs and extensions, to completely alienated facial features, scars, or artificial wounds – makeup artists ensure that the perfect illusion is created in films, television, theater, or opera. They transform actors into other characters.

On this basis, makeup artists develop masks for individual actors. For this, you make wigs, false beards, or toupees and make artificial body parts or masks for the whole face. To do this, you take a plaster cast of each part of the actor’s body.

As the season starts, makeup artists have their hands full. At the theater, masks or body parts have to be glued on for several performances a day, and the transitions to the real skin to be concealed with makeup.

They also straighten the actors’ hair and are on hand to refresh the makeup repeatedly during the performance. Finally, makeup artists help the actors out of costume and mask and keep both carefully after a performance.

The work-life balance of makeup artists is rather mixed because it is often necessary to work late on Sundays and public holidays. This applies not only to the theater but also to a job in film and television. In addition, constant handling of hair, powder, cream, and solvents can irritate the skin and the respiratory tract and lead to allergies. In this respect, the job is also stressful for the body. Therefore, the chances on the job market are rather moderate.

The prospects for makeup artists

The job market prospects for makeup artists are not optimal. There are only a few places. However, there are several things that job applicants can do to improve their chances, for example, by acquiring additional qualifications during their training. Although this is exhausting, it makes a difference in the struggle for a permanent position. Through further training, they continuously expand their technical knowledge and, in this way, secure their jobs.

Makeup artist skills for your resume and career

Make-up artists should have a keen imagination and a lot of creativity. But these are not the only talents and skills that should be mentioned in your modern resume. Make-up artists have a good chance of an application being successful if they can combine specific skills.

Most important skills for a makeup artist in a resume:

  • Knowledge of cosmetology trends
  • Knowledge of hairstylist trends
  • Knowledge of makeup trends
  • Strong skincare skills
  • Strong styling skills
  • Strong visualization skills
  • Makeup application
  • Permanent makeup
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative mindset
  • Manual dexterity
  • Understanding of color composition
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Manual and hand-eye coordination

Career: the development opportunities as a makeup artist

There are several career options for makeup artists. One of them is the position of chief makeup artist. There are jobs in the theater or on television. Job applicants apply for the position of artistic director. Chief makeup artists are the superiors of several colleagues and control a team. Some makeup artists also dare to take the step into self-employment. Others walk on scientific paths after their training and complete, for example, a degree in design or makeup.

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