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Our mission is to help job seekers make an impact in the career.

You don’t have to think about what the resume should look like, and you can focus 100% on the content. Quickly create a job-winning resume so you can land that coveted job in no time.

From resume to the job interview

We are convinced that everyone can get a suitable job. That is not easy, but with the proper knowledge and tools, applying for a job will be a lot easier for you with a greater chance of success! We do this by writing easy-to-understand career articles and checklists.

This site was created specifically for the unemployed who want to find work. To facilitate your path as an applicant, we provide many documents on the pages of our site: useful examples and resume templates, cover letters, reference sheets.

Creative resume templates are effective and modern templates created in Microsoft Word available as DOC A4, US Letter, and Google Docs files. Such a basic resume template can be the basis for creating your unique professionally-oriented resume. All templates presented in the categories on our website are easily editable at your discretion.

Stop struggling with resume builders! Use best resume templates!

Try putting yourself in the position of a human resources officer who will read your resume. Resume should be clear and consistent. Its main goal and task are to show your compliance with the position for which you are applying. What is the main essence of professional writing resumes? It consists of a correct, coherent, and structured presentation of information about yourself.

Build a noticeably better resume for any job

A resume should not be too short but should not bore the reader with more information and pages. As the experience of successful applicants shows, on average, the optimal number of pages should be no more than two pages. Plus, a cover letter and feedback from past employers.

Because a resume template works – choosing the right one!

Your resume is still your most powerful sales tool in the job market! Do you want to share what you are good at? Of course, but do you not know how to translate this into a professional resume? Are you looking for a job and motivated? Avoid resume builders and instead, think of your resume as an advertisement. Check out our expertly designed and unique resume templates to help you get started with your resume.

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Because work is essential to us!

“What kind of work do you do?” is a frequently asked question at parties. Even though vacationing seems a lot more fun, work turns out to be greatly important for our feeling of happiness. It gives direction to your life and a place where you can share your talents and knowledge. A place where you learn new things and are challenged. A place where you often spend more time than at home.

We believe: that every person is unique and that an impressive resume contributes to the ideal job! Furthermore, we believe that a strong, personal and distinctive resume enables people to do more justice in the labor market and find the right job.

The resume determines whether you are invited to an interview with the company. If your resume does not contain information that interests the employer, the personnel manager will most likely not call you to clarify the existence of this experience. Therefore, your resume will not be considered.

On the other hand, almost any work experience can be reflected in a favorable light – if you correctly display the relevant experience, achievements and sharpen your resume for interesting vacancies. If you intend to look for work in the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia, we will help you to show your best side through the use of our unique resume templates. We think it’s important that everyone can use our templates, which is why we offer 100% an affordable price of $ 8.99 per resume.