Job Descriptions: What career is right for me?

What career is right for me

Many people are faced with this question: career starters as well as job changes. After all, the choice of profession has a decisive influence on our career. And the choices in the job market are increasing every year. Of course, if you want to make a good career choice, you first have to know: What jobs are there anyway?

Our overview of job profiles should help you to get an initial orientation: Which job profile offers what? How do you get into this profession – through an apprenticeship or a degree? Which employers are looking for this professional profile? How many job offers are there? What are the career opportunities? Are there any tips for the application and resume? And of course the salary: What can you earn later in the job? You can find all the answers to these questions in the respective job profiles.

Before you decide on a job, please also pay attention to your so-called ” latent imprint “. Our career choices are often more limited than we think. So many are only looking for job profiles that they already know – and thus may miss out on the better alternative. But our social environment and the parental home also shape us (unintentionally). The more you are aware of this, the better your career choice will be.

Also, you shouldn’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure when choosing a job: There is no such thing as a perfect and forever correct career choice. Employers, the industry, and you too can change and develop. Therefore it always remains a temporary decision, which you can make again at any time thanks to our job profiles. We wish you every success!

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