How to become a Android mobile app developer

How to become a Android mobile app developer

Job description: What does a Android and iOS mobile app developer do?

A world without apps? For many users, this is now almost unimaginable. It is therefore obvious that app developers are in great demand in the job market. The smartphone market is booming and there are more and more useful little everyday helpers in the form of apps on small pocket computers.

They help you find the nearest petrol station, display new messages, keep shopping lists paperless and are also ideal for playing games or business communication.

The call for app developers on the job market has grown all the greater in recent years. They design mini-applications for tablets or smartphones. They do this either on behalf of their employer or as a self-employed app developer.

A new app starts with the idea and the associated order. The client turns to an app developer and tells him what he wants to achieve with the application.

The web developer accepts the order and first checks whether the idea can be implemented from a technical point of view. The first test is not just about technical feasibility, but also whether the app complies with the relatively strict design guidelines of the app store operator.

If this is the case, it goes straight to the design of the app. On the contrary, the design must be improved again so that everything runs smoothly from a technical and design perspective.

In the conception phase of the program, the app developer develops the user interface and the programming. Afterward, after various checks and test run, the app can be uploaded to the respective shop for sale.

It takes between one and three months for an app to be ready. Most are in teamwork filed it and tinkered. For the application to be a success, a keen sense of the nerve of the times is the necessary prerequisite. A high level of motivation and, above all, a passion for programming complete the requirements for mobile app developers, whose work-life balance depends heavily on the professional environment in which they are active.

Education: How do you become a mobile app developer?

Not all mobile app developers have a university degree in computer science under their belt. There are a lot of experts in this area who, for example, has previously worked on the development of websites and other career changers. The rule, however, is the previous university degree.

The curriculum during this period says:

  • Analysis
  • Linear Algebra
  • Stochastics
  • Algorithms
  • Formal languages
  • Object orientation
  • Theoretical computer science
  • Practical computer science
  • Technical computer Science
  • Applied computer science

In addition to sound knowledge, one thing above all else is important in the area of ​​mobile development: a lot of practical experience. You can collect these as a working student or intern.

Employer: Who is looking for a mobile app developer

App developers find employment in practically all industries. In these for example:

  • Financial services
  • Gaming
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics

Salary: How much does a mobile app developer make?

The income of app developers depends, among other things, on their qualifications and professional experience. The size of the employer, the region, and the industry in which you operate is also decisive.

Map of mobile app developer salaries

The darker areas on the map show where mobile app developers earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

Map of mobile app developer salaries
  • Median Annual Salary: $89,280
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: More than $119,000
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: Less than $47,000

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Entry Opportunities: The Prospects for App Developers

The parallel universe of apps is now vast. There are little digital helpers for every application, no matter how small. And the field continues to expand rapidly. This makes app developers a much sought-after human resource on the job market. The experts do not need to worry about the future.

Application: How do mobile app developers score

App developers should be able to note the following skills in their application documents:

  • Experience as a front-end developer for mobile devices
  • Very good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of Java web applications
  • Knowledge of the programming languages ​​Objective-C and Swift
  • Know-how about the connection of back-end systems (web services, XML, JSON, REST)
  • Knowledge of test-driven development and continuous
  • Team player skills
  • Quality awareness
  • Enjoying independent work and solving problems
  • Openness to new technologies and solutions
  • Readiness for lifelong learning
  • Knowledge of iOS and Android platforms
  • iOS and Android programming language and requirements
  • iOS and Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Cocoa Touch frameworks
  • iTunes Connect
  • JavaScript
  • Networking
  • Node.js development
  • Creativity

Career: The development opportunities as a mobile app developer

Anyone who works in computer science has to learn all their life. Content is changing rapidly. Mobile app developers must keep up to date with the training opportunities available to them.

Below we provide you with a samples that shows what a resume and cover letter for an application as a mobile app developer could look like. With all these classic resume templates you must adapt them individually and redesign them a little. This will keep your application unique and successful.

How to become a Android mobile app developer
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How to become a Android mobile app developer
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