What is a simple or classic resume?

A simple resume is probably the shortest form of the resume. It looks well structured and therefore professionally created. However, the applicant does not distract from the data with an elaborate design but can focus specifically on the data contained.

When and for who is a simple resume suitable and when not?

These templates are particularly suitable for someone who has never created their resume, but wants to create one quickly and in a structured manner, without having to deal with the rigors of a word processing program. They are particularly easy to fill out.

In general, the simple resume template can be used for all jobs and industries that do not require an elaborate design. It is particularly suitable for part-time jobs. It can also be used to apply for an internship or training position. The simple resume template should not be chosen only in industries where the safe use of computers is a necessary criterion or where creativity is required. These include, for example, jobs in the IT industry or professions in media design.

Features of the simple (classic) resume

People who dream of getting a job will have to go through an interview. You can get it if the hiring specialists are interested in the resume of the applicant. Writing an effective resume at one time is entirely possible. All you need to do is turn to a rich collection of resume templates. It presents a variety of layouts corresponding to different fields of activity. They have different content and design. The simplest templates, suggesting a minimalist approach to the statement of facts, remain most demanded. They are incredibly easy to edit before being sent to the employer. Additional convenience is provided by the use of Microsoft Word in US Letter and A4 formats. Using simple templates to create a professional resume, you can easily achieve your desired goal. Our classic resume templates are ideal for people with an accounting or engineer profile. Choose the classic resume template you want. You can then download, complete, and print it.

Jobs for which a simple resume is suitable

Recommended if you are applying for a job in the public service or with an authority. Various companies still rely on the classic application with a clear structure. You can often recognize this from the job advertisement. Because this is kept very simple and does not stand out from the majority of the other job advertisements through a special design. A simple resume can also be chosen if you want to convince a special professional career. The personnel managers can concentrate on the content and are not distracted by striking design elements. HR managers focus on the content. You can convincingly present your professional career, your education, degree, and special knowledge. Any gaps in your professional career could, however, be noticed. After all, there are no elements that could attract attention. In any case, however, it looks professional. The resume template helps you to edit it quickly and that you don’t forget anything about the content.

What do HR professionals think of a classic resume?

Much. Depending on the profession, a simple resume is very meaningful. For low-threshold jobs, the simple CV shows that the applicant can present himself clearly and briefly, for more demanding jobs, the HR manager looks deeply. A simple CV template also makes it easy for application professionals to present themselves. Professional experience and qualifications are listed briefly and clearly, which means that the personnel decision-maker can get a clear picture of the applicant fairly quickly. Every HR manager is happy if he doesn’t have to struggle through nested, confusing CV’s, so the option of a structured, meaningful, and simple CV is never wrong.