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Success in employment is largely determined by writing a good resume. Applicants do not always have free time or experience working with the text of a given genre. We suggest using a template that guarantees the creation of a document that meets modern requirements.

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Quick & easy resume

Save time with our easy resume templates. No more formatting difficulties in Word. Rapidly build a resume employers love.

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Get noticed – get hired

Stand out from the herd of job applicants with one of our professionally-designed resume templates.

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Job-winning content

We give you expert resume writing tips from start to finish. No more wasting time with the wrong resume content.

Our purpose is to make you look extraordinary on your resume!

Who may benefit from our eye catching resume templates

Almost all candidates for a vacant place, our templates will be useful. They are multifunctional, so it does not matter in which area the applicant intends to work. We offer a range of templates that differ in design. Representatives of creative professions will like bright options. They will help those who earn a living acting, as well as designers or photographers.

How to write a creative resume

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A well structured resume is more likely to be noticed

Using resume templates you can create a modern resume that tells your story and increases your chances to get that interview you’ve been waiting for. Our templates are tailored to fit the position you are applying for. Templates are thoughtfully designed, without excessive fonts, colours and formatting.

Many templates contained in our collection are in demand by a wide range of people. The rest can be called universal. But all of them are designed in such a way that in a favorable light to present the personality and previous experience of the candidate, make a good impression on the employer.

About the Benefits of Resume Templates

Our employees made a lot of effort so that customers could appreciate the unconditional advantages of the proposed templates. Here are the main ones.

Simplicity and appeal of the design

A lot of attention in the development of the template is paid to its aesthetics. The range of finished products is rich in styles and colors. Conservative warehouse customers will like a discreet design that emphasizes the key features of their nature or type of activity. And bright personalities, striving to stand out from the gray mass, there is something to choose from the collection. The style of the template can be anything to emphasize the individuality of the customer. The main thing is that the template will remain clean and structured.

Availability of different formats

The resume layouts we created are compatible with the most popular formats. The customer gains access to resumes in A4 and US Letter formats. Even the most inexperienced user can customize the color scheme and complement the content. To the existing material, you will need to add purely personal information (data on professional experience, education, hobbies) and a photo of good quality.

Ready to print

There is no need to further adapt the finished resume to print. Templates support common formats (A4 and US Letter). You can edit them by inserting your data and send it to an HR specialist instantly.

Two design options (with and without photography)

There will always be people who are confident that a successful shot increases the chances of getting the desired location. A lot of those who are not sure of their photogenicity or professional achievements consider more weighty arguments than a charming appearance. The customer reserves the right to choose. In any case, he can count on acquiring a perfectly formatted and effective resume.

Free fonts available

It would be frivolous to underestimate the importance of a suitable font for resume design. If you choose the font properly, then the person reading the text, it becomes easier to perceive its contents. Additional costs for the services of a typography specialist are hardly included in the budget of the average candidate for a vacant post. You can make a resume convenient for review using free fonts.

Why would you use an ordinary resume, if you want an extraordinary job?

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1700+ Resumes Made

Easy Feedback

What do employers think of your resume? Every wonder why they don’t ever give feedback? Here’s your chance. Upload your resume and our HR professional will tell you if it cuts the mustard.

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800+ Cover Letters Created

Eye catching design and inspirational resume structure

We employ real graphic designers and use industry inspired ideas to create one-of-a kind resume template just for you. Page-turning and captivating – we aim to have your future employers coming back for more.

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35% Users Got Hired

Successful presentation

Brought together, proofread by a HR professional. We employ real designers to design the yey-catching resume structure. Your resume comes to life and stands out from the rest. This is the boot-camp for your resume.

Why you should use our resume templates

An unsuccessful job search exhausts the body and soul. Unsuccessful attempts to find a job undermine faith in one’s strength and plunge into despair. But do not indulge in despondency. If you can’t cope with a series of failures alone, contact us for help. We did a great job trying to make the resume writing templates perfect. Get acquainted with an extensive collection of templates, make your choice and finally get the position of your dreams.

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Existence of a free reference page and a cover letter

Our customers are pleased with the availability of such a feature as a finished page with recommendations, for which you do not need to pay extra. The first impression of a person can be decisive, so all means will be good to create the desired image. Using the template that comes with the cover letter can be very beneficial. There are many cases when only a convincing resume for a person is not enough to withstand competition in the labor market. A cover letter will help give the person more weight. Do not miss the additional opportunity to win over people responsible for the selection of personnel in the organization you are interested in.

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Make an impression with your creative resume – you have 6 seconds!

The content of your resume is the most important part, but the presentation of this information does not play a much smaller role Think about gastronomy for a minute. What are the main differences between an average restaurant and a 5-star restaurant? Correct! In the presentation. Compare this with your resume. It’s not always enough to be the best for a particular job if your resume doesn’t reflect that. Your resume is your ticket to the next step in the hiring process.

Because when preselecting applicants, your new employer generally spends between 1 and a maximum of 4 minutes depending on the number of applicants to review your resume. However, he already made his first impression after 6 seconds. If your resume does not catch his attention during this time, he will move on to the next candidate’s resume. An unorganized resume, or one in which you first have to search for important information, is often skipped directly.

How to make your resume stand out from the crowd

So how do you secure the attention of the HR manager who has 100 other applicants for the same position? Well, the first step is to make your resume organized, easy to read and bring in a “wow factor” Clear headings and precise information are just as essential as the arrangement of the content. Using a creative resume template helps you to stay structured and clear, and to list your experiences so that they are easy to read. And it helps you bring in just the right amount of color and design to make an impression, but without scaring off a potential employer.

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