Designing a resume to suit your skills and personality can propel your application to the top of the pile. But finding a design that also matches your professional identity can be overwhelming – and applying for a job is hard enough. You’ll want to steal each of these creative resume templates – and the good news is: You can!

Top resume with its characteristics and unique features

Almost every resume is now in tabular form. However, with our template for a top resume, the tabular form is much more eye-catching than a classic resume. Finally, a top resume is divided into two columns. All personal information is also listed in two columns. The table’s lines are highlighted with subtle colors to be better separated from each other. The headings of the individual areas are highlighted with an intense color at the top.

Jobs and applications for which a top resume is suitable

If you decide on the top resume, attract attention when you apply for a technical profession, such as an engineer or an IT specialist. A resume in tabular form is also suitable for scientific professions, as it does not distract the eye from the essentials. If you want to convince your career and point out certain stages in your professional life, a top resume is a right choice. It is also suitable if you’re going to apply to a more conservative company. However, this form is less ideal for young professionals, skilled trades, and applications for a study or training position.

What HR managers think of a top resume

It is essential to enclose a resume in top form for both e-mail applications and applications sent by post. Thanks to the short, concise, and chronologically ordered explanations, an HR manager can quickly get an overview of an applicant’s school, university, and professional career.

Since relevant certificates and references are always attached to an application, an HR manager can be sure that the resume’s information is correct. Of course, HR professionals also appreciate that resumes are generally structured very similarly. With a bit of routine, the HR manager can read and evaluate numerous resumes in no time.