Stand out by going for one of our modern resume templates

From flexible freelance work to positions in startups, many modern professions require a modern resume. A great modern resume can demonstrate your skills using new strategies to impress employers. A modern resume prioritizes what’s important in today’s job market. In addition to the content, you also need to consider aspects such as font selection and machine readability (a machine and not a person may check your resume first). A modern resume should also not neglect the style and formatting that will make it stand out from the crowd for a human reader.

You’re capable and trustworthy and have a lot to offer an employer. If you could only get in front of them, you know they’d see that too. Over the years we’ve found that the number one problem that job seekers like you have, is that you don’t know how to describe your skills and put them together in a resume that sells. Perhaps you are underselling your abilities. Or you don’t recognize the skills you have because you see them as part of who you are. If this sounds like you, then your resume is stopping you from getting the job you want. Why stay stuck in a role that you dislike just because your resume isn’t doing its job? There is no need for you to accept a lower wage than you deserve. Or put up with a demanding boss because you can’t land another job to move to.

Job hunting can be a soul destroying process. You apply for lots of jobs and put yourself out there time and time again but you end up with nothing to show for your efforts except a growing rejection pile and plummeting self-confidence. If that sounds like you then you know that using any old resume isn’t going to get you what you want. If you want a new job, you’re going to need an eye-catching resume. Here’s our curated list of the best, modern resume templates right now.

Modern resume: the design

Busy hiring managers won’t spend a lot of time looking at your resume before deciding whether to scrap it or not. So the design is very important. A modern resume template should be easy to read and attractively designed. Here are some of the most important elements to consider on a modern professional resume.

Fonts are important in modern resumes

In the past, Times New Roman was the default resume setting. On a modern resume, this old-fashioned font can be seen as outdated or even boring. Avoid overused fonts like Arial and choose a more interesting option like Helvetica Neue or Georgia. Georgia is a particularly good choice because it was specially designed to be easily read on a screen.

Using color is a great way to make your modern resume shine

Since resumes are often posted online, the cost of color printing is avoided, and adding color to your resume is not a problem. When using colors, keep the palette simple and professional. You can only colorize your section headings or choose a template with a colored design from available template options. Always use easily visible colors. Dark colors, like navy and burgundy, look best for text. Light colors like yellow are too difficult to read and look unprofessional.

Fast readability

Find ways to highlight key information to aid those who just skim resumes at first. You can use bold fonts to highlight your key achievements or use color to draw the eye to certain areas. Spaces and line breaks on your resume make it easy to skim through. So don’t fill your resume with excess information either. Use bullet points when making a list of achievements, for example.

If there is a common acronym or abbreviation for a term in your industry, be sure to include it at least once on your resume in case the person reading your resume is unfamiliar with the abbreviation. This also helps applicant tracking systems to better review your resume.

Worry less about the length of your resume than about the quality of its content

One page resume is great, but modern resumes are often longer. A two-page resume may be appropriate if you have a lot of work experience. The important thing is that you make sure that all of the information on your resume is essential. Two pages of relevant information are good, but two pages full of irrelevant content are not.

Avoid keeping a boring list of completed tasks and telling potential employers about things you’ve accomplished or about skills you’ve acquired in any previous job. If you can include details or numbers it is even better. Write the name of the new software you learned or the percentage that you increased in sales on your last job.

Job-winning modern resume templates

A modern resume is a matter of course for new applications these days. Those who haven’t written applications for a long time will see the first differences immediately. A modern resume is much shorter or more condensed and is based on the relevant facts and competencies. While previously all stages of life and activities were integrated into a comprehensive range, now focus and prioritization. The key point for modern resumes is designed. Various design elements can be used here. The resume templates can have a completely new structure. Conventional CV’s were often only listed in one line. Modern resumes often use two sides of the page. The advantages are that a lot of space is created, but still accents and points of view.