Internship resume template

internship resume template

Download internship resume template and customize it


Are you a student, and an internship would look good on your resume? Now you’ve found the perfect internship – and you want to grab it and are not sure where to start? With our resume template, you can quickly get through the application process and have good prospects for the job. An internship is often the first step towards a dream job – provided you have a perfect application.

How to write an internship resume

The cover letter and resume are the first things the employer looks at. Make sure that the two documents have a similar template and are visually appealing. In trendy internship positions, employers receive countless applications and just leaf through them quickly. If they catch you at first sight, you have a better chance.

Apart from the prominent components such as the cover letter and your resume, certificates, course confirmations, and job certificates are the most important thing when applying for an internship. There are many students – that’s why you have to score with them to get an internship.

You can include pretty much any extra-curricular university activity in your application. This means courses of all kinds. You didn’t do any? You can pick out a few and sign up for them. Even if you don’t finish it and don’t get a course confirmation for it, you can mention it in the interview or write it on your resume because additional activities show commitment, which is very welcome during internships.

Files included in the minimalist resume package:

  • 1 Page Resume Template
  • 2 Page Resume Template
  • Reference Page Template
  • Cover Letter Template (thank you card)
  • Microsoft Word (.docx) files
  • US Letter and A4 size
  • Icons pack
  • Free Fonts
  • File FAQ Help Guide

You can use our templates for your cover letter and resume to create an attractive application portfolio. Select the resume template for an internship in the design you want and download it, and then don’t forgot to add your data. Adapt it to your wishes, and you can send it off, and there is nothing left between you and your desired internship.

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