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creative resume templates

Creative Resume Templates

Which jobs are suitable for a creative resume? With a creative resume, you score when you apply for a creative profession. It is suitable for positions in design, advertising, and media. Also, a creative resume is suitable for jobs in creative companies. Often these are young start-ups. You can recognize such companies by the design of the job advertisement. If the job advertisement with a creative design stands out from the other job advertisements, you are right with a creative resume. With a creatively designed resume, you ensure that your application stands out among the other applications and arouses the interest of the HR managers. The resume template, which you can download, can be modified individually. In no case does such a resume look boring. A creative resume does not differ in structure and order from a classic CV. Personal information comes first. The striking design has the advantage that you can distract from one or the other gap in the resume. With the creative resume, you demonstrate style and flair for design.

Modern Resume Templates

The content should convince – in competence, skills, professionalism, and the challenges that are posed, but design can turn a simple resume into a modern one. A modern resume can strongly shape the first impression on the viewer. The overall appearance of the application should always fit the applicant and the company. If you apply to a young, dynamic company, for example, a start-up, a modern resume will be well received. With a modern resume, you prove that you are fully in the spirit of the times. A modern resume ensures a professional appearance and stands out. He looks completely unobtrusive. Not only applicants like to choose the template for the modern resume, but it is also well received by the HR managers. Rather, they demonstrate style and contemporary appearance. A modern resume appears clear and structured. As a result, interesting professional careers can be presented convincingly. Our modern resume templates show you the possibilities. Many icons, some colors, and different shapes and colors change the image of the classic CV.

modern resume templates
classic resume templates

Classic resume templates

Classic CV templates adapt to all types of profiles. They have a classic structure and have sober colors. The classic resume is simple, understated, and elegant. A simply designed resume may seem a bit boring today because, unlike a creative resume, it has no colored lines and design elements. However, you still get a good start with a simple resume at various positions. Individual areas are separated from each other by simple lines. The simple CV, therefore, does not require any decorative elements. It is therefore characterized by a clear structure in which the author concentrates on the essentials. Classic resume templates not only look serious, but they also look professional. A classic resume template works for everyone. If you do not want to risk choosing a model that is too daring, these classic formats are a safe bet, which will adapt to your situation.

Professional Resume Templates

A professional resume is the heart of your application. HR personnel almost always read it first. The resume contains all the necessary qualifications from the job advertisement – including professional career, special knowledge, further training, interests, and hobbies. All of this results in a convincing overall picture of the applicant. Make sure that you have a clear structure and that the content and structure of your CV are clear. This is the only way to increase your job opportunities. Here you will find a selection of professional templates for your CV! Choose a suitable template in Word format!

professional resume templates
executive resume templates

Executive resume templates

Obviously, if you have not heard about the executive resume templates you might not understand how effective they are in modern career building and job searching engagements. However, they have been made in a way that meets the professional set up while at the same time meeting all the needs of professionalism, display and projecting a formal aura ineffective job applications. The CV for a senior manager or job post has certain peculiarities compared to the rest of the CV’s. The job as a manager requires extensive experience in positions from lowest to highest responsibility, and also knowledge of the business or industrial sector where the position is sought. The main difficulty in creating a resume for a manager is that it may have been a long time without having to develop one, and now you must update it and adapt it to the new needs of the labor market. Generally, the intention of a manager’s resume is always to give a professional and serious image, due to the high competition in managerial positions.

Dental Resume Templates

The resume of a dentist follows a structure similar to the resume of other professions, but certain essential aspects must be taken into account. A dentist must meet certain requirements to be able to practice his profession, not only training (University Degree), but also those referring to his previous experience and specialization in some special dental skills (oral surgery, anesthesia, pediatric, dentistry, etc.).  It is important for companies that the candidate indicates that they have studied to be a dentist and their specialization, in this way they will be able to know if it is suitable for the company. Also, the dentist’s job requires dealing with patients, so personality and communication skills or fluency in other languages ​​will also be a point of note within the resume of a dentist. The resume is the first impression and communicates to the company if the applicant is worthy of an interview, therefore, the resume of a dentist is a fundamental piece when looking for work, whether in a large general practice or a small private clinic.

dental resume templates
accounting resume templates

Accounting Resume Templates

The resumes of accounting should highlight those sections or skills of the candidate that might be useful for a position that involves maintaining records and performing accounting and is related to the financial sector. The profile of a good accountant must be that of an organized person, capable of managing his time well, coordinating different tasks, maintaining good communication with clients, and of course with knowledge of accounting and the financial and tax system. Therefore, to make a good accounting resume in addition to following the general advice for making a resume, you should highlight those qualities and skills that make the subject a good candidate for jobs in the finance and accounting sector.

Medical resume templates

From general practitioners to specialists, including pharmacists, the medical field offers many opportunities. The jobs in the field of health and medicine offer a stable income and the opportunity to build a career focused on helping people. As in almost all fields, you will face competition for job opportunities. It is therefore crucial to have a medical resume that stands out from the rest. Many positions can be classified under the “medical” category. These are positions as varied as those of dietitians, cardiologists, and nurses. Your medical CV will have to be adapted to the job for which you are applying. Your skills and experiences must, therefore, be consistent with your future specialization. The resume example will be the same for different branches of medicine. It’s up to you to be relevant. You should then pay special attention to the details of your CV. This is indeed what is expected of you in this difficult field of work: rigor.

medical resume templates
Nursing resume templates

Nursing resume templates

Applicants for nursing jobs only have a few minutes to make a positive impression on potential employers with their resumes. Typically, it only takes a few seconds for employers in a hospital to review a resume and determine whether or not it is worth contacting the candidate. Given the number of applications, which increases every year, your CV will be a very important tool for you. A successful nursing CV provides employers with relevant and easy-to-read details about the candidate’s experience, skills, and education. These resumes should not contain any errors or inaccurate information, which may result in immediate rejection.

Google Docs Resume Templates

A Google Docs resume with a modern design ensures a professional appearance and attracts attention. He seems completely unobtrusive. The template for the Google Drive resume is not only popular with applicants, it is also well received by HR managers. Rather, they demonstrate style and contemporary appearance. A Google resume appears clear and structured. As a result, interesting professional careers can be presented convincingly.

google resume templates

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Jobs that our resume templates are suitable for

If you apply to a young, dynamic company, for example, a start-up, our resume templates will be well received. You should take a closer look at the job posting and company website before choosing one of our resume templates. If it looks modern, choose the modern CV. Our resume templates are suitable, for example, for creative professions in the media or advertising industry. However, it can also be used for various skilled trades if the company presents itself with a modern appearance.