How to write an attention-grabbing resume

Those who want to get a job as an accountant or get another job related to finances need to write a convincing professional resume. In order not to spend a lot of time and effort on this, you should use a ready-made solution to the problem – turn to an extensive collection of ready-made resumes. Real masters in the field of the design worked on its design. They created many layouts so that applicants of different positions could find a suitable option for themselves, and also provided each page with reference page and a cover letter.

How to write an accounting resume?

Most important element of a accounting resume is structure. If you use this resume to apply to a bank or an insurance company, for example, you should pay attention to clear structures and order. The headings must be recognizable as such. It is best to use a larger font for this, but should not change the font. Because a uniform typeface gives a tidy impression and therefore goes very well with accounting resumes.

Accounting resume: clear forms and structure

Formatting is also part of the structure. However, if you use one of the numerous templates, it will usually already be formatted. This is useful because it can save you a lot of work. Especially with a accounting resume, you should pay attention to clear and uniform formatting. This also gives the staff the impression that they have a serious and competent applicant in front of them.

For example, you can highlight the individual stations in your resume in bold. This also contributes to greater clarity. You should stick to this scheme, as HR professionals do not expect any deviations, especially with a accounting resume.

Accounting resume checklist

Also, a accounting resume has the following elements that should not be forgotten:

    • First and last name of the applicant
    • School career (training also belongs under this point)
    • Work experience (including internships and voluntary work)
    • Further education (especially mention those further education that fits the job)
    • Foreign language skills
    • Hobbies and interests (pay attention to the selection here and you might prefer to address them in the interview)
    • Optional: an application photo. This is no longer mandatory for today’s applications but is still preferred by many HR professionals. You should therefore add it, especially to a accounting resume.

Before you send the resume, you should check that it is complete. Are all important points included and do you not exceed the maximum length of one A4 page? Then you can send it off.

The benefits of resume templates are obvious. They are easy to download from the site and edit, entering personal data. When creating a resume, Microsoft Word was used. It is possible to open a document in two formats – US Letter and A4. By purchasing a resume template, a person increases his chances of getting a job.