How to write a registered nurse (RN) resume for your next job

The profession of a nurse is in demand in the labor market, but getting a job can be difficult. To get a vacant position, even a qualified nurse will have to talk about professional skills and describe work experience. You can quickly create a good resume using a ready-made template. Its developers have foreseen all the difficulties that arise during filling out a document. With its design, you can choose between A4 and US Letter. In the template, in addition to two pages of the resume, a cover letter and a reference page are provided. The client can choose the most suitable layout, upload it, enter his data and send it to a specialist in personnel selection in just a few minutes.

What to put on a nursing resume

Each resume should have certain elements, such as an executive summary, a section on training, a section on work experiences, and a list of licenses or certifications. You should choose a CV template that is one or two pages long and includes detailed information about your previous experience in the medical industry. An experience in non-medical sectors may be included if it is relevant to the position you are applying to. You should avoid sending the same resume for different hospital positions. The information on the nurse resume may be useful for one position or business, but not for others. Rather, nursing CVs should provide specific information that best matches the requirements of each position.