Nurse resume template

nurse resume template

Download nurse resume template and customize it


Are you a registered nurse looking for your next job? Landing that job will be easier with a great resume. Check out our nurse resume template for some ideas.

Nursing is a very popular profession. The job as a nurse is varied, but it can also be quite exhausting. Constant shift changes and stress are part of everyday professional life. One of the predominant tasks of a nurse in the care of the patient. For this reason, they often have more patient contact than doctors. In addition, nurses are constantly faced with new challenges. The job is suitable for all those who like to work with people, are resilient, and have no blood or injection phobia.

This template is ideal for resumes with a lot of experience or in modern form. Also, for applicants whose current or former positions are very relevant for the application and would like to inform the HR manager in detail.

Write a winning nurse resume that gives you a job.

How to write a good nurse resume? Writing a resume where your skills and facts are in the spotlight does not have to be that difficult. It’s just a matter of focusing on the most important thing – your skills and experience – and highlighting all the facts. Get help from our best tips and also download a nurse resume template! With our modern nurse resume template, you get inspiration and good example of what a convincing resume should look like.

Nurse resume guide: How to write – step by step

Summary: Explain why you are applying for the job

Write briefly, at the top, on your resume why you are applying for the position and what exactly you can add to the company. Here it is essential to adapt the text to the type of job you are looking for so that it is noticeable that you know what you are looking for and why you would fit well.

Your experience is more than your title

Do not assume that the person who reads your resume automatically understands what your professional role means in your particular workplace. Explain your title and tell more specifically what you did during the day and what responsibilities you had. Two, three sentences per job is good.

Do you have cutting-edge skills that make you fit the job like a professional? Then, lift this knowledge in a separate piece to not risk drowning among all the information.

Highlight areas of knowledge in your resume

Have you participated in projects or other improvement measures in addition to regular tasks? Try to be a competent -, experience- and knowledge-focused. What you have learned and what results you have achieved are as important as describing the tasks.

This also applies to other than employment. For example, maybe you have been the sports club leader, arranged a festival or other event in your spare time? Or worked voluntarily and in this way acquired different skills? Concretize.

Match the resume with what is requested

Read the job advertisement carefully and feel free to highlight the essential skills. Then read your resume and make sure that you have included out how to match the most important points in the job advertisement.

Structure and organize your resume

If your resume is unstructured, sketchy, or otherwise messy, there is a great risk that the recruiter will miss something significant. On the other hand, clear structure and easy-to-read font allow your skills and facts to play the primary role and come into their own. Length? A maximum of 1-2 pages long resume is what all recruiters demand.

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