Creating a winning Google Docs resume Is crucial to your success In your job hunt

Why? Because it’s the first step. You can’t even begin approaching employers about a new job without first having a resume! Think of a resume as an advertisement. Your Google Docs resume has to show your skills, experience and knowledge in a way that gets an employer’s attention. Your Docs resume has to stand out from the piles of other resumes that have been submitted for the same job. And it won’t catch anyone’s attention if it’s presented poorly.

And if you don’t sell who you are and what you have to offer you might as well just send in your name and address and nothing else – it amounts to the same thing. No interest and no interview.

That’s right. The main function of a Google Docs resume templates is to get you an interview. If your resume consistently fails to get you interviews then you need help. Because we guessing that you have the skills needed to do the job.

For which applications is a Google Docs resume suitable?

Until some time ago, a resume beyond the classic linear template was mainly reserved for creative professions. However, this has changed. Because even in conservative industries, resumes with a special flair are no longer absurd. Stylish colors, patterns, and diagrams that show your knowledge are also not taboo here. However, the following always applies: No compulsive extravagance. Because a Google Docs resume template should always encourage viewing and reading, but not overwhelm the potential employer. Appropriate design is the top priority here.

The structure – what does a Google Docs resume look like?

How a resume should be designed depends first of all on whether an application is to be available as a printed portfolio or – as is very common today – sent online via email. In addition to the design options, other ideas are also available for the printed copy. A resume can be designed like a flyer, conveying the relevant information briefly, precisely, and in an interesting way.

However, the online application is more typical.

Stylistic devices that exude individuality and compactly convey the applicant’s knowledge are popular. Corresponding designs form, for example, pie charts of acquired skills, point scales for specific, industry-relevant knowledge, or a timeline that describes the career of the applicant.

Regardless of which design is chosen, a Google Docs resume must be able to convey the same information as its tabular, classic counterpart does. This includes information on school education, previous jobs, and internships, as well as knowledge, skills, and strengths relevant to the job. It is important to emphasize particularly important information through a more compact appearance.

A Google Docs resume – tips and ideas for very special appearances

A Google Docs resume template can be a tremendous asset if you want to create individual application documents. For certain professions, especially in the media sector, the online application offers additional extras that make a Google Docs resume unique and showcase the corresponding skills and know-how. Instead of a written resume, a presentation or video can be created. The resume is packaged in picture and sound and attached as a file. A particularly attractive aspect for the media industry. Programmers can also convince with embedded work templates such as games and programs and thus demonstrate their skills. No matter how, it always applies: Show what you can, but with style and individuality.