A professional resume stands out!

The professional resume differs significantly from the simple and creative resume. In short, some of the essential features and differences include:

  • Application photo in the top left
  • The narrow column on the left with personal information
  • The wide column on the right side with information about a career path as well as training and further education

A resume doesn’t look dusty or dull. You can work with color, as our resume templates show. However, you should use color sparingly so that the resume looks excellent and not cluttered. Our templates offer you a professional resume in the current design. All you have to do is fill in your details. Incidentally, the photo may be highlighted in color. You can, for example, underlay the personal information with a suitable pastel color.

Jobs and applications for which a professional resume is suitable

If you would like to apply for a higher management position, for example, as a managing director, this type of resume is perfect. It is also suitable for professions that require extensive specialist knowledge and experience, such as doctors, engineers, or social workers. The advantage is that the focus is on professional experience, the stages in your professional life, and your training.

A professional resume is also suitable for applications in traditional companies that are more conservative. Since the professional career plays an important role, such a resume is not ideal for young professionals.

Benefits: make a great first impression

A professional resume concentrates on the essentials and thus ensures a professional appearance. He convinces HR managers of your knowledge and experience. Since the personal details are placed on the left, a well-designed resume offers plenty of space for your career.

Structure and order of the professional resume

In the case of a professional resume, personal information should be on the left-hand side first. In the central column on the right, you then provide information about your career in retrograde form. You state the company, the job title, and your job. It is also advisable to list participation in special projects. The information on training and further education is followed by details on unique knowledge and, finally, your interests.

What HR managers think of professional resume templates

Experience has shown that a professional resume is currently very popular with HR managers. This even across industries and regardless of how old the applicant is, how much experience they have, or what position they are applying for.

By creating a professional resume, the applicant has the opportunity to list his activities in a more “fluid” and “orderly” manner. The applicant can also express himself more professionally in this resume in terms of design and formatting and thus demonstrate individuality. As a result, the applicant stands out from the crowd of competitors and generates interest in the potential new manager.

However, it is essential to note that creativity and uniqueness should always be within an appropriate framework. If the applicant is applying for a non-artistic position, it makes little sense to submit a resume that, for example, has been colorfully designed.

Anyone who submits a professional resume as part of an application today proves that they have dealt with the requirements of modern application processes in advance. This, too, is, of course, welcomed by HR professionals.

Ultimately, however, it is always important not to pretend and to remain true to your style. Anyone who puts it on really thick in their business resume but is too shy to speak in the interview has done something wrong despite the perfect resume.

A professional resume showcases your personality and seriousness.

If you are interested in a successful job, use one of the ideal templates for writing a resume. A team of professional designers, guided in their work by customers’ interests and convenience, worked on their creation. Therefore, downloading and editing them is very simple. We offer you to download popular templates that are suitable for a variety of vacancies. Applicants can use mock-ups made in different directions – from basic to creative.

The document was created in two formats: US Letter and A4. The template consists of two pages of a resume, a reference page, and a cover letter. Download the appropriate template, add your data to it and submit it for review. It takes only a few minutes.