Designer resume template

designer resume template

There is hardly any other industry in which a resume offers so much scope for creativity. And that is also necessary: ​​a large number of creative people and would-be creative people face a small number of job offers. A designer has to be convincing – and with all means. Are you on fire for what you do? Then show it on your resume. Show what you feel like doing, what you can do and where your strengths are.

The concept of a designer may vary depending on the company or the requirements of the position. Some companies may search for more technical profiles, while others may search for more creative profiles. Depending on the position you apply for, you may have to adapt your resume depending on the offer.

What should a designer’s resume look like?

As a designer, you solve problems every day. That’s the core of your work. A visual solution that communicates with the viewer. So your resume should show that you can do more than create a beautiful design – it should show that you can come up with solutions. Include work samples and describe problems that occurred before, during, or after the project. Describe the challenges that arose in your projects and how you mastered them, alone or in a team.

If you are looking for a job as a designer, you should be clear about two things when making your resume:

  • You are a designer, so you can run away from the most classic designs and show your creativity. But be careful, do not try to be too creative because it can work against you since there are times that a too original resume can be tough to read.
  • Your work, what you have done previously must be important in your resume. Therefore, including a link to portfolio in your resume is essential to demonstrate your skills and give your future employer an idea of ​​what you have done and if it fits with what you are doing.

How to include training and experience in the resume of a designer?

Although the design of the resume can leave personal information in the background, you must include essential information about your training and previous experience. In this way, any resume of a designer must consist of at least:

  • Your most relevant jobs both as a freelancer and as a worker in another company. In this case, yes. The previous experience (with position, dates, and a paragraph explaining what you were doing)
  • Education: study center, years, and degree obtained. Many designers have degrees in computer science or design, so if you have taken design courses or have specialized in some way in this field, you can highlight it.
  • Awards and recognitions: It is possible that for your work, you have been awarded for one of your designs, you have entered a contest, and you have been among the finalists. You can say include it if you think it is convenient.
  • Marketing skills are already evident in your resume. They are essential to your design projects, but also to sell yourself as a potential applicant. You don’t have to be an expert in the field, but you should understand certain things in a way that you can talk about logically. So good that they should be on your resume.
  • Although designers today are responsible for many tasks and companies demand flexible work, know-how in matters of print products is still part of the compulsory repertoire of every designer. While a large part of the work revolves around digital design concepts, the implementation of print products such as product labels, billboards or flyers should not be forgotten. Even if the job is advertised for an online position, you should show that you also master the design and implementation of print projects.

Remember that you may have to adapt your resume depending on the offer. Finally, do not forget to include your cover letter to expand the information that you consider most important.

How to include the portfolio in the resume of a web designer?

The best way to present the portfolio of a web designer is by showing what he has done, so one way to have an original and different portfolio is to have your website where you can include your most relevant work and explain what you did and why. When designing it, think of yourself as a client or a potential employer, and above all, be selective since quality is worth more than quantity.

Download the designer resume template and customize it

From technical skills such as operating various software to soft skills such as teamwork and flexibility: your resume shows someone your professionality. Make sure that your resume is up to date and complete it with an online portfolio. You never know where the next chance is waiting for you. Download our designer resume sample as a Word file. After downloading, you can adapt the resume as you wish.


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