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legal resume template

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Looking for a resume template as a lawyer? Use our support with your application and convince us with a clear presentation of your career and your skills.

As a lawyer, you have the opportunity to work in numerous different areas. In addition to criminal law, employment in labor law, family law or business law can also be considered. In many cases, specialization as a specialist lawyer is common. Since your application is usually the first contact with the law firm of your choice, you should make the best possible impression with it. This significantly increases your chances of being invited to a personal interview. In addition to a cover letter in which you introduce yourself and your certificates, your curriculum vitae must of course also be included with your application as a lawyer.

How to create a attorney (lawyer) resume

This allows your potential new supervisor to quickly and yet comprehensively find out about your suitability for the advertised position. In addition to the correct form, it is particularly important that you provide complete information and that your CV does not contain any gaps. The indispensable content naturally includes your data such as name and address as well as details about your training and previous employment as a lawyer.

The resume of a lawyer follows a similar structure to the resume of other professions, but certain essential aspects must be taken into account. A lawyer must meet certain requirements to be able to practice his profession, and not only formative but also related to his personality. Therefore, the resume is a fundamental piece when looking for a job as a lawyer, since it is the first impression that the employer is going to take. It is convenient to highlight those aspects that are relevant to the company to which you are applying or according to the specifications of the job offer.

One of the fundamental aspects that should be highlighted in the resume is the lawyer’s specialization, it is important for recruiters that the candidate indicates their specialization, in this way they will be able to know if it is suitable for the company. But, beyond legal knowledge, other aspects may be just as important, such as, if you specialize in international contracts, you must demonstrate the ability to carry out commercial activities.

Also, you have the chance to go into your skills and knowledge in the resume. Of course, the main interest here is the areas of law in which you have experience. However, foreign language skills and other skills, such as in business administration and economics, can certainly be mentioned. To make a good first impression with your resume as a lawyer, it is best to use our template.

Files included in the CV package:

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  • Cover Letter Template (thank you card)
  • Microsoft Word (.docx) files
  • US Letter and A4 size
  • Free Fonts
  • File FAQ Help Guide
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