Dental technician resume template

dental technician resume template

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Are you struggling to write a great dental technician resume? Then, we have what you need. Our dental technician resume template and writing tips will give you the inspiration you need to impress any employer.

The job of a dental technician is to make dentures and braces. He uses dental impressions and X-ray images to ensure that the brace or implant is precisely adapted to the patient’s mouth. In your day-to-day work, you work closely with dentists and implement their requirements in the day so that the patient gets the best possible experience with his implant or braces.

Job Description: what does a dental technician do?

Crowns, prostheses, implants, and inlays are just a few of the many options for permanent dentures. Dental technicians provide these “third teeth” so-called crafted ago. They also produce braces that regulate the teeth and jaw.

To manufacture the dentures or the corrective brackets as precisely as possible, the treating dentist first takes an impression of the patient’s teeth. Then, he passes this on to dental technicians, who use it to create a plaster of Paris jaw model that is true to the original. Based on this, you can manufacture perfect implants, bridges, braces, or prostheses that fit one-to-one into the patient’s teeth.

State-of-the-art technology is used when designing a dental prosthesis, ranging from computer-aided design to 3D printing. With these aids, dental technicians produce, for example, casting templates for artificial teeth, which they fill with various filling materials.

For the veneering of a dental prosthesis, moist ceramic powder is used, then fired in the oven. Then the finished artificial teeth are brought into the correct shape with various grinding and polishing tools.

It is essential not only to match the shape of the original natural tooth as precisely as possible. The color of the artificial teeth must also be right so that they do not differ too much from the real teeth. Dental technicians then use the model to test whether the artificial teeth can be correctly inserted into the dentition.

How to make a dental technician resume

Of course, the job of a dental technician is not a commercial activity. But even if you rarely have to do business correspondence, your resume should convince both in terms of their form and content. Because only if this is the case will your potential employer ask you for a personal interview, in which you can then prove yourself. Do not limit yourself to your professional career. Also, consider your knowledge and skills. For this purpose, list your experiences with tooth reconstruction, the manufacture of dentures, and other relevant activities.

How to create a dental technician resume in the best way?

The resume is the first impression and communicates to the company if the applicant is worthy of an interview. Therefore, the resume of a dentist is a fundamental piece when looking for work, whether in a large general practice or a small private clinic. In addition, in a complementary way, your website’s link can help present some works more graphically. Use the suitable resume template to put your qualifications in the right light. So that you don’t forget any important details when applying as a dental technician, it is best to use our resume template.

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