Features of the one-page resume

A designed career may seem a bit dusty and dull today because, unlike a creative resume, it has no colored lines or design elements. However, several jobs can still do well with a one-page resume. Individual areas are separated from one another by simple lines. The one-page resume does not need any decorative elements. It is characterized by a clear structure in which the author concentrates on the essentials. One page resume templates look not only severe but also professional.

Jobs for which a one-page resume is suitable

If you are applying for an apprenticeship or study place, a one-page resume is well suited. It is also recommended to apply for a position in the public service or at an authority. Various companies still rely on the classic application with a clear structure. You can often see this from the job advertisement because this is kept very simple and does not stand out from most other job advertisements by a particular design. A one-page resume can also be chosen if you want to convince with an impressive professional history. Personnel managers can concentrate on the content and are not distracted by conspicuous design elements.

A simple way to make your one page resume stand out

Your current resume contains the same sections as any other resume: Contact information, work experience, and education. Modern employers are more likely to read your resume online than on paper and may want details that you would not see on a traditional resume. What current employers are looking for, and how to format your one-page resume template accordingly?

Social media

Feel free to add hyperlinks to your relevant social media and email addresses in your modern resume template. This makes it easier for an employer to look up and contact, as they will likely also compare your resume online and view existing profiles. If you have a fully completed LinkedIn account with many references, link it in your “Contact Information” section. Applying for a job that uses social media also includes links to your other social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. Make sure these social media accounts are professional and tidy. They should be used actively, have high-quality profile pictures, and be filled with appealing content.

Contact information

In addition to social media, the rest of the contact information should also be updated. Your full home address is not required for a modern resume template. Doing so may put you at greater risk of identity theft. Just include your city, state, and zip code. If you have a personal website, published writing samples, or an online portfolio, link them in your “Contact Information” section if relevant to your desired job.

Professional summary

In a modern resume, the goals are considered out of date. It can be assumed that an employer already knows your goal because they have your resume in their hands. Instead, you may want to add a professional summary of what you want to offer the employer as a candidate rather than making it clear what you are looking for. This is an excellent idea if you have a lot of work history.


Like medical assistance, some jobs require a specific qualification that should be listed in a skills section. For a job that does not require such detailed knowledge, there is no section called “Skills.” Instead, share your achievements.