Simple resume template

simple resume template

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The resume is the essential part of any application. Because it offers a quick overview of an applicant’s qualifications and thus makes pre-selection easier for companies.

How to write a simple resume

What this means for you is that you need to be careful when creating your resume. Make sure you provide complete information about your career and do not omit relevant knowledge and skills. Also, remember to give your resume a professional look with the appropriate design. You can do this incredibly easy with a suitable template. Use the sample on this page to put the finishing touches on your application in a creative profession and increase your chances of success.

When is a simple resume useful or necessary?

It would perhaps go a little too far to say that a simple resume has become the standard in applications, but more and more applicants turn to simple designs to give their documents the finishing touches.

Although you can’t go wrong with a simple resume, your application should be tailored to you personally. A simple resume may be precisely the right or almost the only possible choice. The industry can be a factor here. A simple resume can be very useful if you are applying in a creative or technical branch or the media sector. Here you want to show that you move with the times, think and work in a modern way, are familiar with current developments, and are not out of date.

A simple resume can be the case in more traditional industries. A conventional resume can also be just right here. The company and the position for which you are applying are also important. Startups are usually young and modern – which makes a simple resume the right choice.

Last but not least, you should recognize yourself on your resume. If you have the feeling that a simple resume suits you at all, you should listen to this impulse and choose this variant.

Files included in the simple resume package:

  • 1 Page Resume Template
  • 2 Page Resume Template
  • Reference Page Template
  • Cover Letter Template (thank you card)
  • Microsoft Word (.docx) files
  • US Letter and A4 size
  • Icons pack
  • Free Fonts
  • File FAQ Help Guide
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