Truck driver resume template

Truck driver resume template

Download truck driver resume and cover letter templates and customize it


Find out how to make a truck driver resume that hooks readers with our downloadable cover letter and resume templates and expert writing tips! No time to spare? Try our quick and easy-to-use resume template.

Job Description: what does a truck driver do?

Professional truck drivers are always on tour. Truck drivers for transport companies or forwarding agents transport goods from A to B in freight transport. There are practically no regulated working hours. Instead, professional drivers spend days on the road with their trucks and spend the night in a bunk behind the driver’s seat.

It is essential to observe the legally prescribed breaks. Otherwise, severe penalties are imminent. Drivers often spend these at rest stops or in parking bays on motorways. This means that the work-life balance is rather unbalanced in this area. You spend a lot of time alone and, above all, the job is anything but family-friendly. Typically, truckers only see their families on the weekends, if at all.

Aside from their job as drivers, truck drivers also have a few other to-do’s to do. Before you set off, check that everything is okay with the truck. Then it’s time to load the truck. The freight must be stored securely and adequately not to come loose or break during the journey. Now the papers have to be checked, and then off we go. When they arrive at their destination, the items are properly unloaded and given to the recipient, along with the delivery papers. When it comes to driving, punctuality is the be-all and end-all.

How to write a perfect truck driver resume?

The future employer uses the data given in the resume to get an idea of ​​your experience and your educational path. Among other things, he can read from the resume what you can do and what areas of work you have already come into contact with. Make sure you have as few gaps as possible in your resume or explain them. For example, if you have been unable to work for a long time due to illness, do not be ashamed to explain this on your modern resume.

Most common truck driver skills for your resume

  • Class A truck operation
  • DOT safety inspections
  • Route planning and logistics
  • Inventory management
  • Safe driving
  • Mechanical knowledge
  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Instruction comprehension
  • Stock inventory
  • Order picking and processing
  • Clean driving record
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail

How to write a truck driver resume objective?

A truck driver is a reasonably independent profession compared to others. This is why the resume objective should be to show that you, as a professional, are capable of making decisions on time and taking the initiative in a variety of day-to-day situations. One of the essential aspects of work is the careful operation and maintenance of heavy equipment, the constant maintenance of detailed records of any repairs and accidents. We recommend you note any similar professional experience to show the prospective employer that you have the necessary experience in this kind of duty. Most employers want to have an objective view that you can successfully manage your time and skills.

Despite professionalism, don’t forget your creativity.

Of course, your basic resume should show a certain degree of professionalism and be checked several times for grammatical and spelling errors. Still, there is one important factor that you shouldn’t forget about making a big and positive impression – creative, innovative design. Creative resumes are much more successful than a simple standard resume in which the text is printed in black and white. Choose a suitable font, a template that suits the position, and your resume look more personal and creative. In this way, you can also directly prove your motivation for the job. Have your resume designed professionally – apply skillfully.

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