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principal resume template

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Job Description: what does a school principal do?

The tasks of a school principal go far beyond those of a “normal” teacher. You are a teacher, executive, manager, entrepreneur, and finance department all rolled into one. But that is only a rough overview of what needs to be done in the job profile.

What does this range of tasks do to the work-life balance of school principals? The times in which school principals followed regular working hours are long gone. Today, they represent their school at school, political and social events, negotiating partners in economic terms.

This means they often rush from one appointment to another and often have to be available in the evening for representative purposes. In this respect, the principal’s job profile is linked to a time requirement that should not be underestimated.

The chances for candidates on the job market are pretty good. As there is already a shortage of teaching staff in many areas, there are also improved opportunities for a career within the school.

School principal duties and responsibilities

The job profile of school principals has changed considerably in recent years. Some time ago, it was mainly a matter of teaching and the organization of lessons in schools. Today aspiring professionals are expected to have real management skills.

  • Implement the education policy measures of the ministries of education.
  • Developing the school on your responsibility: Together with the teaching staff, you develop visions and a model that is intended to ensure the future viability of your school, and you are also responsible for the design and implementation of the school program.
  • Further, develop staff: You are responsible for your colleagues’ personal and professional development and see yourself as a promoter and coach.
  • They represent the school as a role model to the outside world.
  • They perform administrative and administrative tasks.
  • You manage financial resources.
  • Resolving conflicts: School principals often form the buffer between teachers, parents, and students. As a result, you meditate in disputes and face several conflicts every day.
  • Manage building maintenance, renovation, and expansion work: You take care of tenders and negotiate with executing architects and companies. This includes specialist knowledge and negotiating skills.
  • Calculate costs and estimate risks: Within a certain framework, you can decide together with co-determination bodies on the use of allocated budget funds.

Career opportunities as a school principal

Those who have made it into school management do not have to have reached the bottom of the career ladder. There are opportunities to move up.

School principal skills for your resume and career

What skills should prospective school principals have?

These include the following:

  • Human resource management
  • Quality management
  • Contract management
  • Information management
  • Resource management
  • leadership qualities
  • Professional competence
  • Social skills
  • Leadership skills

Entry opportunities: The prospects for school principals

Anyone who wants to become a headmaster today has good prospects. However, he has to be prepared for an extraordinary everyday life. The range of tasks involved in the job is huge. Sometimes principals act as school finance ministers, sometimes as plumbers, sometimes as educators, sometimes as postmen. It is not uncommon for this to work around sixty-five hours per week – for a comparatively low wage. As a result, many schools have no headmasters.

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