Dancer resume template

dancer resume template

Download the freely editable dancer resume and cover letter templates


Are you a professional dancer, but struggle to show it on your modern resume? Improve your chances of finding the right job with our dancer resume template and writing tips.

For many people, dancing is not just a nice leisure activity. And it is more like an attitude towards life. With solid dance training, dancing can certainly provide a secure income. But, as with any other job, the modern resume is at the beginning of a career.

Well, to become a dance teacher, you have to be able to do a little more than just dance. And that is why the first step in applying for a dance teacher job does not consist of an audition but of sending a modern resume with a cover letter.

Job Description: what does a dance teachers do?

Dance teachers teach one of the oldest art forms. Dance is considered to be one of the oldest ways of expressing yourself. It is a performing art, a sport, a form of therapy, or simply an expression of emotion. The dance teacher conveys the joy of moving to music with body, soul, and spirit. Dance teachers teach children, young people, and adults different types of dances in individual lessons and dance courses and fixed dance circles or clubs.

Dance teachers train professional stage dancers on the one hand and teach dance enthusiasts of all ages – from early dance education for children to adults. On the other hand, they teach the most diverse genres of stage and amateur dance.

Part of their creative and educational work is to promote mobility and one’s body awareness. In this way, dance teachers help dancers to find completely new ways of expressing themselves. They encourage you to overcome inhibitions, discover your body, or expand your repertoire of expression. Development of personality and expansion of social skills are results of the work.

In stage dance, the dance teacher deals with the motivation to teach, the didactics, and the methodology of stage dance in all its forms. The dance teacher also organizes the professional training of stage dancers, from theoretical subjects such as music theory, cultural and ballet history, and basics of sports medicine to music lessons or playing an instrument.

How to write a dancer resume?

In the beginning, your resume as a dancer does not differ much from that of other professions. It depends on where you see your future career. In a musical or in a show? In a school as a dance teacher? Or even in a sunny country to entertain the holidaymakers? Either you would like to apply specifically for an open, advertised position, or you have become aware of an upcoming casting. In both cases, you should take some time and write a solid resume.

Do you focus on your skills in your resume: hip-hop, jazz, ballet, modern dance or is your skill more traditional? You should go into this and explain in detail how long you have been dancing this style and where you have been able to gain your experience. State the name of the school or university, and listing all the workshops does not hurt. Do not exaggerate, and do not hide anything about your skills. If you dance ballet and the pirouette is not 100% perfect, write it that way.

Now comes the most important thing: your dance skills on video. Perhaps there is someone in your circle of acquaintances who is good at using a video camera.

You can also check with your local photo shop – either they offer it themselves, or they can tell you where to have the video shot. When shooting, you only offer a sample of your skills. It is better to have smaller, different units than a complete dance. Background the video with appropriate music and pay attention to the background. If you would like to attend an open casting, simply take the resume documents with you.

How to write a dance teacher cover letter?

The heart of your application as a dance teacher is the cover letter. Because dance schools are anything but rigid and dancing is a passion, your cover letter can also be a bit more emotional. Write who you are and why you want to become a dance teacher. Have you been dancing since you’ve been wearing Pampers? Are you always the first on the dance floor and encourage everyone in the club or at parties to swing their hips with you? Great, get this on paper! Be honest, and don’t apply too much.

If you have any certificates from dance courses or something, they also enclose them with your application for the job as a dance teacher. You are also free to send in anything else that clarifies how and with what enthusiasm you dance. Maybe you filmed yourself dancing and made a DVD of it? Or is there an internet video of your terrific dance performance?

Unfortunately, numerous applicants apply for a position, and no casting agency has the time to read through each resume thoroughly. First, write your cover letter in a broad outline. Then work on each sentence until it stands. Pay attention to the form of the cover letter and structure the individual paragraphs sensibly.

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