Babysitting resume template

babysitting resume template

Download the freely editable babysitting resume and cover letter templates


Babysitters provide valuable support for parents. Land a babysitter role by downloading our modern resume template and drawing inspiration from it as you prepare your application.

Babysitters work in families. Since the training has a lower status than that of an educator, vacancies are in great demand. Here are some tips on how to make an application as a babysitter professional and promising.

If you want to apply for a job advertised for babysitters, you should never forget that you will have many competitors for this position. Therefore, a resume as a babysitter should be particularly professional and well thought out if you want to increase your job opportunities.

Job Description: what does a babysitter do?

Do you like children, are you creative, and, in addition to sensitivity, also have angelic patience? Then maybe a job as a babysitter for you is ideal. Your day-to-day work is varied, and you support children in learning through play.

With inexhaustible creativity, you always come up with new game ideas and make sure that age-appropriate and varied game material is always available. You paint, do handicrafts, and make music with the children and guide them in a wide variety of games.

Depending on the age, and state of the children’s health, your work as a babysitter also includes other areas of responsibility. This can include, for example, helping with personal hygiene and caring for sick children. It is also possible to do household chores such as washing the laundry or preparing food.

How to write a babysitter resume?

Your application as a babysitter should stand out positively from other applications. Therefore, an error-free, structured cover letter, a complete, clear resume, and good references page are the minimum requirements that your application should meet.

Especially when the competition in the job market is fierce, you should make yourself interesting to potential employers by showing additional qualifications. Attend training courses on pedagogical topics and have this documented in writing. In this way, you not only achieve a higher degree of professionalism, but you also signal that you are ready to continue training and incorporate new scientific findings in the field of pedagogy into your work.

In your job as a babysitter, you not only work with children, who are largely indifferent to your external appearance, but also with their parents. Therefore, a well-groomed, serious appearance is essential as a babysitter. Therefore, make sure to choose a suitable resume photo on which you present yourself accordingly.

To give your resume an attractive, individual touch, you can incorporate a motto that reflects your attitude towards the topics of upbringing, childhood, or education. This shows that you want to represent and convey your pedagogical points of view. If you follow these tips, your chances of finding a suitable job as a babysitter will increase soon.

What to put on a babysitter resume?

The resume contains all the essential data and relevant information for the HR manager in the selection process. Above all, this includes the following information:

  • Personal data
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Internships, advanced and advanced training
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Hobbies

In your resume, you list career stations for each area and assign them the appropriate periods. You should proceed to reverse chronologically and start with the most current station. In this way, you ensure that the HR manager has the essential information at a glance and does not overlook anything.

Also, be sure to include only information relevant to the babysitter job – after all, space on your resume is limited. The resume should not exceed two pages.


Hobbies not only reveal something about your personality, but they also illustrate your qualifications for a job. For example, for the application as a babysitter, activities that demonstrate your creativity are particularly suitable – after all, crafting, making music, and playing with children are among your main occupations.


The so-called gaps in the resume, periods of more than two months without information on jobs or training, play an important role. But, as a rule, they indicate difficulties finding a job – a reason for skepticism for many HR managers.

How to write a babysitter cover letter?

As a babysitter, you work in a social profession. Social engagement is therefore welcomed. So if you are or have been a volunteer, be sure to mention this on your cover letter.

Whether you have cared for seniors in your free time or are involved in a church community, be sure to briefly explain these extra-occupational activities in your cover letter. In this way, you show that you enjoy taking on responsibility and presenting yourself as helpful. Do you speak a foreign language, or can you play an instrument? These are essential additional qualifications that you should not leave unmentioned.

The cover letter allows you to introduce yourself and your character in more detail. HR professionals are particularly interested in the following points:

Soft skills

These are your social skills and strengths. You can find out which soft skills are essential for your application in the respective job advertisement. Choose one or two of them and back them up with examples from your everyday professional life.

You should avoid

Exaggeration as well as too large several soft skills. No applicant is perfect and meets all the employer’s requirements. Instead, stay authentic and focus on a few examples that suit you best.


The main purpose of the cover letter is to find out something about your motivation. Here you should describe what excites you about the job and why you are applying to this position of all places and not to the competition. Find out about the employer and refer to this information in the cover letter.

The cover letter is the first sample of work. You decide on the structure and content and demonstrate your knowledge of the employer. Your spelling skills and creativity are also in demand. You should avoid careless mistakes and empty phrases, if you want to convince in your cover letter.

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