Driver resume template

driver resume template

Download driver resume and cover letter templates and customize it


Are you an attentive and professional driver with years of experience conducting driving but can’t seem to fit all your achievements on your resume? Get some ideas from our downloadable driver resume template and job-specific writing tips.

An impressive resume is an ideal way to impress your future employer. With an excellent resume, you take the employer out of their daily grind, and you show that you have put time and effort into your application. So choose our template and stand out!

For the driver’s profession, you can choose between freight transport and passenger transport when applying, whereby the main activity – in both sectors – is the transport of goods or people.

Job Description: what does a driver do?

Every driver is responsible for their vehicle and is liable for defects. Therefore, before starting every journey, it is essential to check that the vehicle is roadworthy: the braking systems, lighting equipment, and the wheels and tires. When applying, it makes sense to indicate whether and how well you are familiar with the technical conditions. In freight transport, you should also know about independent loading. Other people sometimes carry out this activity, but the driver is always responsible for proper loading. Knowledge of the perfect securing of goods using suitable aids, such as belts, is also part of this.

In many companies, the route is planned by the driver based on the order papers. Therefore, indications that you already have good orientation in certain areas and value the correct keeping of a logbook are essential criteria for the future employer. In addition, customs formalities must be able to be completed for cross-border activities.

A friendly demeanor towards the customer should be a matter of course: helping with the unloading of the freight is just as important as handing over the freight documents to the customer before the onward journey. These are countersigned to confirm that the goods have been properly delivered. The companies also differ in whether they are looking for drivers for national or international transport.

Overall, the work-life balance as a bus driver is more balanced than with a truck driver because the working hours are clearly defined, and after work, you don’t go to the resting bunk but go home. Both truck and bus drivers, professional drivers, have good prospects on the job market.

Required driver duties and responsibilities

First of all, a driver must show the necessary driver’s license to drive the respective vehicle: A distinction is made between various driving license classes and additional compulsory courses to gain the required competence and authorization. People often look for drivers for certain vehicles, but it makes sense to indicate those vehicles for which you have a valid driver’s license in the resume. Examples of this are trucks with trailers, special transporters, or the transport of dangerous goods.

The necessary specialist knowledge regarding the correct loading and the proper securing of the goods can also be scored. In addition, the notification that you can carry out minor repairs on the vehicle yourself at any time helps, as does basic technical knowledge of the technical equipment of the vehicles.

Furthermore, the positive personal competencies listed and proven in the resume include resilience, security awareness, communication skills, and physical thinking. The professional skills include knowledge of administration, logistics, and occupational safety. The driver can score points in a job interview with a friendly, well-groomed appearance. This is important in the case of hiring for customer contact. The applicant should not be afraid of flexible working hours, sometimes in the evening or at night. The fact that the work should be done in the best possible way under time pressure should not be an obstacle. Constant sitting and sometimes high psychological stress represent a further challenge.

Driver must-have skills list for your resume

  • Route navigation software
  • Inventory management software
  • Air Brake Certification
  • Traffic laws
  • Strong driving record
  • Basic maintenance knowledge
  • Physical fitness and strength
  • Time management
  • Active listening
  • Spatial orientation
  • Far vision

The prospects for professional drivers

Anyone who takes up the profession as a professional driver is taking up a promising job. This applies to both passenger and freight traffic. This is because public transport is becoming increasingly popular, especially with commuters. For the sake of the environment!

Truck drivers also have the best prospects. Because as a result of increasing globalization, more and more products have to be transported from one place to another. In this respect, the need for drivers will increase massively again in the next few years.

Career: The development opportunities as a professional driver

As mentioned earlier, professional drivers have different options to specialize in taking on more responsibility. That also gives a career boost. Further training opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Delivery driver
  • Tractor or special vehicle driver
  • Dangerous goods driver
  • Disposal/waste transport
  • Fleet management
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