Pilot resume template

pilot resume template

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Driving a passenger plane isn’t always easy, but writing an excellent pilot resume is. Our pilot resume template and writing tips will help you put together a resume that’s sure to impress any employer.

Getting into an airplane that flies an average of 10.6 km high and 800 km / h and is then controlled by a computer – sounds unrealistic? Indeed, autopilot control is standard on long cruising flights. Controlling an airplane by hand for such a long period can be tiring and exhausting, so pilots often rely on their autopilot to assist them. But, of course, this must be continuously monitored so that direct action can be taken if necessary. In addition, take-off and landing are carried out by hand – so, despite the latest technology, it does not work without a real pilot. And a real pilot needs a professional resume template to apply for a job successfully.

Job Description: what does a pilot do?

The freedom of pilots is not limitless when they take off and see the world from above. But their responsibility is great when they have to move over the heads of others, transport goods, and people and bring everything back to the ground safely. Therefore, piloting an airplane is not just the dream of flying that has come true, but also the mastery of many technical instruments, one’s nerves, and the ability to always be equally good in a changing crew.

The cockpit is a flying, computer-controlled control center that requires pilots to have a high level of technical understanding and the ability to make quick and reliable decisions. The work of the flight captains begins with the study of the flight documents, the weather data, the calculation of the flight time, and the required fuel. Then the pilot goes to the aircraft with the entire crew. The pilots check it from the outside for any visible damage. In the cockpit, they convince themselves of the functionality of all systems and the adequate supply of oil and oxygen, for example.

Now the computer system that takes over routine tasks is programmed. While the aircraft is still taxiing to the runway, pilots work through the checklists. Even when it is in the air, the systems must be constantly monitored and corrected according to the information provided by the air traffic controller. Once the aircraft has landed at its destination, the flight is followed up, and actual flight and consumption data must be archived.

How to write a pilot resume?

A job high above the clouds – for many people, the pilot’s job is one of the dream jobs. But the way to the top is not always easy. So regardless of whether you are applying for pilot training or are looking for a new job as an experienced co-pilot and captain – on this page, we will show you how to write a convincing resume and get that closer to your ideal job.

When formatting the resume, clarity is essential so that the reader can see all the relevant information at a glance. Therefore, the resume should be divided into sections with meaningful headings, as this is already done in our resume template presented on this page.

For applicants with professional experience, the current or last employment relationship should come first after providing personal data. If you are applying for pilot training, consider listing your school education as the first category instead.

You must indicate the stages of your career in anti chronological order, that is, always first the latest degrees and activities. In this way, the personnel decision-maker is shown the relevant experience and knowledge right from the start.

Also, when formatting your resume, pay attention to:

  • Constant distances
  • Uniform presentation of your career
  • Highlighting of the headings for the individual sections (for example, in bold)
  • Placement of the application photo in the upper left corner of the first page

However, you should avoid these typical mistakes in the resume:

  • Specification of periods without monthly information
  • Time gaps
  • Indent text with the space bar
  • List of your tasks as running text
  • Different format for the presentation of your professional stations
  • Individual categories are not sorted according to relevance
  • Twisted numbers and careless mistakes
  • Providing irrelevant information

You should not only format the resume in the modern form correctly for visual reasons: more and more companies are using computer programs, so-called resume parsers, to view application documents. They search the resume for keywords that are important to the job.

If the resume is incorrectly formatted, these relevant keywords may not be able to be identified. Therefore, to avoid such a disadvantage in the application process, you should format your resume so that it is machine-readable.

How to write a pilot cover letter?

In their cover letter, applicants present conclusively, convincingly, and on no more than one page why they are particularly suitable for the job they are aiming for. Here you have the opportunity to promote yourself – and you should take advantage of this opportunity. In doing so, bridging the gap between your knowledge and qualifications and the requirements in the job advertisement is just as important as describing your motivation to fly as a pilot for the employer posting the job or to complete an apprenticeship there.

Speaking of which: pilots enjoy extensive and extremely strict training – no wonder given the responsibility with which they are entrusted. Therefore, many prospective pilots and those changing employers tend to focus on their hard skills in their application letters. However, soft skills and a balanced psyche are also in demand with pilots. Therefore, soft skills such as resistance to stress and the ability to work in a team should also be mentioned in the cover letter, provided you can prove them with examples from your resume.

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