Pastor resume template

pastor resume template

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Are you an experienced pastor but can’t seem to adapt your achievements to craft the perfect resume? With our downloadable pastor resume template, stay a cut above the rest, and brush up your application with these expert writing tips. Save valuable time and energy by using our easy-to-use templates.

The individual stages of your life can be presented with a professional resume template. One of the most important things about a resume is that the format is perfect and that no important information has been left out. For this reason, templates are suitable. We’ll tell you below what is essential in content and give you many tips.

Job Description: what does a pastor do?

Pastors devote themselves so intensively to people with all their needs, fears, worries, and sufferings, with their phases of life and values, like hardly any other profession. Equally important, however, is their task of conveying Catholic or Protestant doctrine, researching, and interpreting religious scriptures.

Pastors primarily lead a parish. They prepare services and sermons and hold them with and in front of their congregation. They take on liturgical tasks, conduct funerals, marriages, and festive worship services, and prepare the believers in seminars, children, and young people, for example, communion or confirmation. Depending on the faith, pastors donate sacraments such as baptism, penance, or anointing of the sick. As pastors, they look after their parishioners individually in times of crisis such as illness or separation, and they are trustworthy interlocutors and advisors.

Pastors are also the focus of community life, take care of youth, family, senior or other leisure activities, organize community festivals and work together with social institutions. Usually, the pastor also heads a team of community and pastoral officers or volunteers.

As far as the work-life balance is concerned, it is rather unbalanced in a certain sense: After all, it is always important to work when others are free – on weekends and public holidays. Moreover, since pastoral care is one of the duties of a pastor, it is not always easy psychologically to hold such an office.

For example, you have to know how to use the right words to cushion and mitigate the severe strokes of the fate of other people. This is not always easy and can also affect your own private life.

Pastor skills for your resume and career

Use this pastor resume job skills list:

  • Particularly great empathy
  • Good communication skills
  • Patience
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Mental stability and resilience
  • Organizational talent

How to write a great pastor resume?

When creating your resume, pay attention to a few details. We will help you with the appropriate tips so that these little things do not overwhelm you:

  • Make sure that the writing is easy to read, especially on the screen. Classic fonts are best for this. Better to choose a font size that is a little larger. So that the information can be captured quickly and easily, the size of the line spacing is also decisive. In the end, check that all the fonts are consistent. The font is often misaligned, for example, with a new paragraph.
  • Do not exaggerate when it comes to highlighting. You have three different variants available with bold, italic, or underline. For highlighting, you only work with a selected variant (bold type, in particular, has proven itself for the screen).
  • Dates are required to accommodate professional and personal data. However, it is essential that the system is always the same and does not differ from paragraph to paragraph. Therefore, individual days are omitted from the data. Instead, write out the months (March 2014 – April 2018), formulate them in abbreviated form (Mar. 2014 – Apr. 2018) or as numbers (3/2014 – 4/2018).
  • A sample resume usually also contains areas in which your strengths can be identified. A good resume always deals with specific knowledge and skills, which, however, are relevant to the position sought. You are also welcome to name hobbies or voluntary activities, provided that they are relevant soft skills.
  • Even if a picture is not explicitly required, a professional business portrait of you should also be included in a detailed resume. Although it is officially frowned upon, it is still a fact that companies value appearance and judge applicants based on it.
  • Resumes and applications were always signed (both the printed Word file and the PDF format sent online). Nowadays, a signature is no longer necessary on a resume, but it is still required on an application.

The structure of the resume at a glance

There should be a lot of content on your resume – not that easy when the overview plays a major role at the same time. There is no such thing as “right” and “wrong” in this regard. Just make sure the concept is well thought out. Usually, reverse chronological order is used when writing. Only if your text is still very short, a classic chronological order might be more suitable. It is essential to combine different stations when setting up. A modern resume is therefore divided into individual blocks:


In this section, you record your school and student career and sort them in reverse chronological order. If necessary, stays abroad can also be accommodated in this (or the next) section. A separate heading is usually not necessary for this.

Work Experience

You will record your practical experience, i.e., your professional stations, in this section. In this way, your career can be described in a clear form in the resume.


Certain skills or knowledge can be listed as optional content. This information must match the position.

So when creating a resume, explain your academic background and practical and professional experience as briefly as possible. Work with half-sentences or, even better, with keywords. The goal here is that the reader can grasp the information at a glance and that you stand out from the list of applicants.

How long should a pastor resume be?

Of course, if you have a long career behind you, you will not get all the relevant information on one page. So stick to the order, but try to get the essential information on the first page. The template can save a little space so that certain content ends up on the first page.

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