Chef (Cook) resume template

chef cook resume template

Download the freely editable chef resume and cover letter template


Creating new dishes and culinary masterpieces for people is your dream, but creating a resume probably isn’t. Download our chef resume template to get more chances to sell yourself in your resume and land a great job.

Are you passionate about preparing dishes and trying out recipes? In addition, are you very good at managing your time and do not panic quickly? Then the job might be just right for you. Everyone has probably used the services of a cook at some point, but what does the job look like? How does someone become a cook? How to make a great resume?

Of course, references are essential when applying for job vacancies, but the applicant’s human component and soft skills are crucial in this job. Those who don’t fit into the team will have bad cards. Conscientiously prepare a resume with a cover letter and hand it in personally to the employer if possible. Perhaps you will even get a brief insight into your potential place of work and even get to know the team. In addition, a good appearance will be fondly remembered and will increase your chances immensely. You may also be invited to do test work first to test your skills in practice.

A lot depends on presenting your work experience, motivation, and skills on your resume. A resume creates the first impression of you as a person and a professional. Therefore, the visual design of your modern resume is just as important as your stellar track record.

Job Description: what does a cook do?

You can usually find employment in hotels, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, and nursing homes, but increasingly also in catering companies. Companies in the food industry employ chefs just like the shipping companies on their cruise ships.

It is a misconception that the cook only has to concentrate on preparing meals. The job description requires more than you think. The preparation of a menu, the purchase of ingredients and food, and their proper storage are the tasks of cooks.

The creative and artistic aspects of this profession should not be underestimated. The presentation of the meals often determines the consumer’s judgment. “You eat with your eyes!” A factor that can determine a successful meal.

The working hours of chefs are regulated very differently and are based on the requirements of the employer. For example, in a large kitchen, meals are usually prepared for lunch and dinner. In many restaurants, on the other hand, there is only one meal in the evening that needs to be prepared.

The stress factor at peak times is usually very high, making the kitchen tone very rough. The cook is also responsible for managing the kitchen staff if there is no chef of his own. If several chefs are working there, the management is often entrusted to one chef.

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