Bartender resume template

bartender resume template

Download and adapt bartender resume and cover letter template


Do you work in gastronomy, do you have a weakness for cocktails, and are you interested in the job of a bartender? Working in a bar or restaurant can be hectic, with demanding customers and busy shifts. Prove you’re ready for the job in the bar by writing a solid bartender resume by relying on our writing tips and bartender resume and cover letter template for inspiration.

If you’ve ever thought of becoming a bartender, then you probably drew the most fun part of the job. Bartending is a very social profession because it requires you to be creative and put you at the event’s center.

Job Description: what does a bartender do?

Bartenders mix delicious cocktails, long drinks, or similarly mixed drinks and are walking recipe encyclopedias with creative talent. They use various mixing techniques and serve the guests the desired drinks. In addition to knowledge of the correct mixing ratios, bartenders also have pronounced creativity for visually attractive decorations. Artistic show effects such as juggling bottles are also part of the repertoire of many bartenders.

In addition to bars, restaurants, and hotel bars, cruise ships or upscale gastronomy are also specific areas of application for bartenders. In addition to the classic recipes, as a bartender, you often even make mixed drinks according to your recipes. However, the preparation of different drinks and the attentive care of the guests are not the only areas of responsibility. As a bartender, you are also responsible for monitoring stock levels, ordering goods, and the daily checkout.

How to write a great bartender resume?

Good preparation is essential for a successful resume. In addition, personal contact plays an essential role in this professional field, so you can seek contact by phone or in-person and look at the work environment when you visit the bar.

By making personal contact, you may even be able to secure an advantage over other applicants. Perhaps you can even get hold of an internship and convince all along the line with your work.

In most cases, a written resume is required afterward, even at the point of personal contact. You should describe your knowledge and skills in the cover letter and convince all with your motivation for this profession.

The modern resume lists your previous career in modern form and names your foreign language skills, completed internships and courses, relevant part-time jobs, and exciting hobbies.

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