Lawyer resume template

lawyer resume template

Download the freely editable lawyer resume and cover letter templates


Are you an expert lawyer but can’t seem to adapt your achievements to a new job? Would you like to help other people to get their rights? Quick wit and a sense of justice are your strengths? How about a career as a lawyer? Our downloadable lawyer resume template and job-specific writing tips will help you quickly land a new position.

Job Description: what does a lawyer do?

Lawyers advise private individuals and companies in all legal areas. Still, they usually specialize in certain areas of work. For example, they represent their clients in court and before authorities, draft and review contracts and support their clients in special legal issues, in the context of business start-ups or in larger sales transactions and project contracts. You work as a freelancer in your practice or a law firm and have direct contact with your clients and professional colleagues.

Lawyers represent the interests of their clients in judicial and extrajudicial negotiations and in civil, criminal, and tax law matters. They work in almost all areas of law, but usually, they specialize in one area. Lawyers are subject to confidentiality in the interests of their clients and may only represent one party in a legal dispute.

The activities of lawyers encompass two broad areas: legal advice and representation before courts and authorities. First, they carry out the correspondence and telephone communications for their clients in this context, fill in forms, submit applications, process contracts, etc. Second, in legal disputes and processes in court, they represent the interests of their clients. They study the files and evidence, sounding out the legal situation, interviewing witnesses. A lawyer should maintain and guarantee the legal system and regulate coexistence in society through legal norms.

The attorney is obliged to maintain secrecy vis-à-vis third parties and optimally represent the accused in court and help find the law. Thus, it is not uncommon for the lawyer to walk a fine line between applicable law, establish the truth, and find himself in a moral dilemma.

How to write a lawyer resume?

Lawyers have to convince, not only in court but first when applying or during an interview in a law firm or an auditing company. Only those who know how to convince their counterparts are successful. The funds for this are relatively small when applying via the Internet or by post. A personal conversation is crucial and provides a decisive advantage.

But before the interview, there is the informative application folder, which of course, can be supplemented with a phone call for open questions. The resume and cover letter must be designed and formulated ideally, and, of course, the certificates should also be correct.

In principle, there are many options open to you when it comes to designing your modern resume. As with the cover letter, the following applies here: You can skillfully stand out from the crowd with a bit of effort and creativity. However, in general, you should always keep an eye on the clarity of your resume. Even with all creativity, the resume should not appear overloaded and allow the HR manager to immediately find the information they want.

Important lawyer skills for a resume

  • Persuasive oral communication
  • Written communication skills
  • Client service
  • Legal research
  • Attention to detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Creative problem solving
  • Work under pressure

How to write a lawyer cover letter?

Get yourself a scrap of paper and then write down in note form what you can think of about the following points:

  • Why am I applying to this law firm in particular?
  • Who am I? What does my future employer need to know about me?
  • What qualifies me for the position?
  • What work experience or internships can I show?
  • What motivates me to take up this job?

Take a little time to answer these questions calmly, and within a very short time, a short raw text has been created from which a proper cover letter can be put together.

When writing down the cover letter, one A4 page is sufficient. It is better to formulate short, concise sentences. As soon as you notice that a sentence is getting too long, you’d better add a period. In this way, the clarity and comprehensibility of the letter are retained.

Explanations: What to include in each part of a cover letter?

Address details and date

Entering the address data is a formality. First, however, you must write to your potential employer personally so that the application gets into the right hands right from the start. If in doubt, you should telephone the respective law firm to determine to whom the application should be sent.

Subject line

The reason for your letter is briefly and succinctly listed in the subject line. For the sake of clarity, it is advisable to mark the subject line in bold. Avoid the word subject on this line.


The introduction should introduce your cover letter briefly and concisely. A phone call made to your potential employer beforehand is an excellent opportunity to make the cover letter appear more personal.

Entry formula

The introductory formula is used to express your euphoria about the position being offered. However, you must not apply too thickly here. Otherwise, it will look implausible.


You should include the name of the respective contact person here. Also, don’t forget to mention academic titles there. A comma must be placed after the salutation, and lower case letters are continued after the comma.

Professional qualifications

This is the essential part of your cover letter. First, you will be briefly introduced to yourself. Then it must be convincingly explained (justify!) Why you are particularly suitable for this position. The essential steps in your professional development (no retelling of your resume!), your current job, special specialist knowledge, and personal skills that are important for the position you are looking for are sufficient.

Reason for application and starting date

Explain why you are interested in the position offered or for what reason you would like to change your employer. Please also briefly explain when you will be available for the offered position.


In the end, don’t forget to say “Sincerely Yours”. Make sure you sign the cover letter yourself.

In the cover letter, the applicant can stand out and convince the potential soon-to-be employer of his or her qualifications with the right arguments. This is uncomfortable for many, and it is difficult for them to introduce themselves. But it’s easy to do when you already have a template.

Don’t forget your soft skills! Your potential new employer is interested in your qualifications or possible practical experience and your social strengths and skills. Show that you are a team player, organized and resilient. The best thing to do is to back it up with short examples from your life to make the self-presentation so natural and realistic.

Please do not be tempted to use exaggerations or lies in your cover letter or resume! Instead, you should explain or deepen everything you list in the cover letter later in the conversation.

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