Coaching resume template

coaching resume template

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Are you a charismatic coach but struggle to show it on your resume? Show hiring managers that you’re up to the task by getting ideas from our coaching resume template and following our writing tips.

For those who enjoy working with other people, setting processes of knowledge in motion, and helping them achieve their goals, a job as a coach is probably just the right thing for you.

Job Description: what does a coach do?

Sometimes people are stuck in a dead-end, professionally or privately, and see no opportunities to change something. A coach can help train an eye for opportunities. Rolling around problems is one thing – but tackling them in a solution-oriented manner is a special skill. They help people to discover their potential. This is achieved through professional support and guidance in discussions. Together, the coach and client work out where there is currently a problem, what part of the advice seeker has, and what changes are necessary.

The term coach can also be found when someone professionally supports people in life crises. The specific area of ​​application depends on the respective qualification. Ideally, the coach is a companion who shows his client the way. But he will never tell him what to do. Rather, the clients come to the necessary knowledge through the coaching. Thus, self-reflection and solution orientation are promoted in this way.

Employer: who is looking for coaches?

There is hardly a CEO, boss, or manager who has not already made use of the services of a coach. Companies and authorities engage them for their managers and give their teams a helping hand. There is also the possibility of offering certain services to private individuals, such as a nutrition coach or personal coach. In this role, coaches then work on a fee basis. You can also work for an educational institution or authorities such as the employment agency or the job center.

Coach jobs: career opportunities and prospects

There will always be a need for well-trained, competent advisors. The other people stand by their side to achieve their wishes and goals. But it is not an easy undertaking to stand out from the crowd of coaches. The market is flooded with numerous offers for self-discovery, for a more successful, happy life. Some focus on the professional, others on the spiritual, the next on relationships, and others take a holistic approach.

Lasting success is only possible if you find your niche and fill it with competence – the most important criterion is credibility. A man in his mid-twenties who advertises himself as a life coach will come across as untrustworthy. Also, hardly anyone will prevail in manager coaching if they have just dropped out of their apprenticeships as a office manager. Admittedly, these are extremes, but they can be observed in reality. If you want to gain a foothold in the industry, you have to work on yourself permanently – this applies to professional, personal, and formal skills. The acquisition of psychological methods is just as much a part of it as diagnostic knowledge.

How to write a coach cover letter?

Name your strengths in your cover letter!

The most suitable place to put your strengths in your application is the cover letter. Here you have a little space to convey what sets you apart from others. Your strengths are a central part of every cover letter. When writing a cover letter, you ultimately want to convince the company or the responsible HR manager that you are a good choice.

In this case, however, “a little” should be taken seriously. As a rule, a cover letter only offers space for half an A4 page. And your strengths should only make up part of the content here. Because of the limited space in the cover letter, it makes sense if you limit yourself to the strengths that are most important and, if necessary, make it clear to the reader why, in your opinion, these strengths are a real advantage for your dream job.

Refrain from listing your strengths in a row. Instead, concentrate on one or two essential ones. Then you also have the necessary space to explain these strengths and thus make them more tangible and credible for the recipient of your application.

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