Doctor resume template

doctor resume template

Download the freely editable doctor resume and cover letter templates


Are you looking to further your career as a doctor? You’re in luck — below, you’ll find your downloadable doctor resume template, matching cover letter, and writing tips to get you started.

Job Description: what does a doctor do?

Doctors recognize and cure diseases, alleviate ailments and extend lives. They exercise a great position of power in making decisions about treatment routes and therapies. The general practitioner is usually referred to as a doctor or general practitioner. As a family doctor, he is the first point of contact for sick people of all ages and with almost every history and accordingly has a wide range of medical knowledge. The job profile primarily includes general practitioner care for patients. Numerous specialists specialize in the medical field.

Great expectations are placed on you as a doctor: some patients come to you with completely diffuse health complaints and hope for relief. From the point of view of patients, doctors often have the halo of demigods in white. There are also attractive promotion and salary opportunities – so it’s no wonder that this profession has been very popular for years.

Due to your medical studies, you have the qualification and permission from the state to treat sick people. What your day-to-day work looks like depends on your specialization and position.

In addition to acute illness-related events, direct patient contact can also include routine preventive examinations and vaccinations, such as against measles or rampant flu waves. Family doctors are often general practitioners. Depending on the severity of the complaints and the specific subject area, they will issue a referral to a specialist if the complaints concern a medical field other than your own.

Doctor career path

The career path for general practitioners is predetermined: studies, practical years in hospital, training to become a general practitioner, self-employment. But there are also alternatives to the classic career: For example, there are opportunities for lateral entry into the pharmaceutical industry to work as a pharmaceutical consultant. There are also positions in health authorities or comparable public institutions from time to time.

Doctor career perspectives

One thing is certain. Doctors need not be afraid of the future. If you are studying human medicine today, you will not have to search long for a job later with the job profile and high probability. This applies to practically all areas: clinic, branch office, or non-curative areas such as the pharmaceutical industry. Although the number of doctors is increasing steadily, there is still an increased need for medical care. There are reasons for this: Medical progress and the increasing number of older people mean that treatments are more frequent and complex. In addition, the demographic change is also reflected in the average age of the medical profession, which is increasingly aging.

How to write a doctor resume?

Note that the HR manager usually has a large number of applications in front of him every day. Therefore, it is well-advised to always formulate the resume so that the essential points for the desired position come into play. First and foremost, this means that insignificant factors in the training or previous professional career can be shortened or even eliminated. Therefore, the key questions when submitting a resume should be:

  • What is relevant for the job?
  • What is the HR manager interested in?
  • What information should I highlight?
  • What can you shorten?

However, you should be careful when shortening it. Anyone who cuts should still make sure that there are no gaps in the resume because these can make some HR managers suspicious. You can get around this, for example, by deciding in the template for the resume that works with a timeline or other visual simplifications. In this way, it can be made clear at first glance – in the truest sense of the word – which positions were relevant for the new position. Optical aids are always an excellent way to skillfully stage qualifications, awards, or similar things that can positively present the applicant in the application process.

Of course, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you apply, but the applicant’s personality can be incorporated into the application. Anyone who writes a resume today will usually opt for a resume in modern form. Most HR managers prefer the modern resume for a simple reason: It is very clear, and the applicant’s important stations can be recorded quickly and easily. This saves time for the HR manager and can be a big plus for the applicant.

Because if you manage to convey to the HR manager within the first few seconds that he has interesting positions on his resume, you will last longer in the further application process. So if you use this fact skillfully, you can draw attention to yourself right from the start with your resume. There are different templates for resumes, each of which focuses on different aspects. But the most important thing remains unchanged – the resume must be able to sell you as a specialist.

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