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locksmith resume template

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If you’re looking to revise your current resume, our locksmith resume template will lead you in the right direction. Improve your locksmith resume by checking out our downloadable template.

Job Description: what does a locksmith do?

The locksmith manufactures metal components that are important in steel construction, sheet metal construction, and plant construction. In addition, in the construction of machines and their maintenance, the locksmith’s work plays a major role, especially in industry – this profession is also called industrial mechanics.

The main occupations of the industrial mechanic include milling, turning, and drilling of (and on) metal components, as well as welding, brazing, and assembling assemblies on existing systems or parts. In addition to producing metal workpieces for the customer, the locksmith has to check, clean, and, if necessary, in-house repair machines. Often he coordinates with the electricians. However, for the locksmith, there is also a wide range of activities in the craft sector outside of industrial production.

The locksmith manufactures steel components such as gates, railings, or stairs for the commercial sector. Mechanical-dynamic parts for elevators or cranes are also part of his production area, for the manufacture or assembly of which he must master skills such as welding in its numerous variants.

The blacksmith or art locksmith is also active in the construction industry as a designer of high-quality decorations on metal components such as doors, gates, or railings. As a blacksmith, he also masters the ability to deform components through the action of heat.

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