Creative resume template

creative resume template

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The heart of every application to companies in the resume. In comparison, the cover letter is usually only skimmed briefly. An exciting and well-structured resume, in which you work out your experience and previous stations, is the most critical factor in being invited to a job interview. On this page, you will find an example of a creatively designed resume! Use these as the template for your resume, and let yourself be inspired for your next application.

How to write a creative resume

Depending on which position you would like to apply for, creativity and graphic design can be your strengths to the full. In general, you have all the options and can play with pictograms, images, bars, your application photo, and the text. However, please note that the clarity is maintained in any case, as it is annoying for the HR department to pick all the information about you from your resume laboriously.

In your research on the company, please take a look at their homepage and use, for example, the company colors for the visual structure of your resume. In this way, you show your individuality and that you have already dealt with the company. You can also work with highlighting in the text and thus mark essential points or keywords.

The creatively designed resume is particularly suitable if you want to focus on your superior knowledge, such as a graphics program. This can be particularly important for creative professions such as graphic or web design. An unusual design can also help make your application for a secretarial position stand out from the applicants’ crowd. However, you must use your creativity in a targeted manner and under no circumstances ignore the points of clarity, completeness, and topicality already mentioned. If you design your resume with specific colors, fonts, etc., be sure to adopt this design for the cover letter too!

Files included in the creative resume package:

  • 1 Page Resume Template
  • 2 Page Resume Template
  • Reference Page Template
  • Cover Letter Template (thank you card)
  • Microsoft Word (.docx) files
  • US Letter and A4 size
  • Icons pack
  • Free Fonts
  • File FAQ Help Guide
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