Therapist resume template

therapist resume template

Download occupational therapist resume template and customize it

When applying as an occupational therapist, it is best to use our resume template not to forget any important details.


Do you need a resume template as an occupational therapist? With us, you will find what you need for a successful application for your dream position.

One of the essential qualities that you have to have as an occupational therapist is an open relationship with patients. For therapeutic measures to achieve the desired effect, you must address the respective situation as individually as possible.

Essentially, as an occupational therapist, it is about alleviating physical limitations due to illness or injuries. For this purpose, for example, exercises for fine motor skills or treatments with electricity therapy can be carried out. You can find inappropriate employment practices and in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, or social and educational institutions.

How to write an occupational therapist resume?

As an occupational therapist, your professional skills and an appropriate way of dealing with your patients are, of course, primarily required. But even if business correspondence is not part of your job, your application must know how to convince you. In addition to the form, the content is what counts. Your resume, in particular, enables the company to get an idea of ​​you and your suitability quickly. To be invited to a personal interview, you should therefore take a little time to formulate it.

The mandatory information includes your data, education, and a complete list of your previous employment relationships. You should also list additional qualifications you have acquired as an occupational therapist on your resume and address relevant skills. This could be knowledge of physiology, neuropsychology, and various treatment methods, for example.

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