Office assistant resume template

office assistant resume template

Download office assistant resume template and customize it

So that you don’t forget any important information, we recommend our resume template for your application like an office assistant.


Are you looking for a resume template as an office assistant? If you want to apply for a new position and are unsure what your application documents should look like, you have reached the right place.

In the everyday working life of an office assistant, you can expect a varied job with many different tasks. As an assistant for office management, as this profession is now called, both organizational talent and proper working are required. Typical tasks include, for example, the documentation of orders or correspondence with business partners. Employment is possible in companies of different industries and sizes.

How to write an office assistant resume?

That’s what matters

As an office assistant, working on the PC is part of your daily business. For this reason, you should show with your application that you are proficient in typical office applications. Of course, this does not mean that your documents should be decorated with colorful graphics or the like. However, you should pay attention to an appealing form in addition to correct spelling and complete content.

This applies not only to the cover letter but also to the resume. In this, go into your training and your previous employment. Avoid gaps and also list times when you were on parental leave, for example.
In addition, do not forego details about your knowledge. This could be, for example, experience in the preparation of statistics, activities in purchasing, or the preparation of payslips. You should also name any additional qualifications and training courses in which you have participated. If you speak one or more foreign languages, you should also state that.

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