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college resume template

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Are you a college student and have to finance your studies yourself, or do you want to earn extra money? Work as a student assistant in your chosen area and gain practical work experience during your studies. College students mainly score points with companies because they are flexible in their working hours and often work a little more during the semester break to take on a little more responsibility when they do a good job. We support you in the structure and template of your application documents. Find the right cover letter and your resume on this page below.

As a working student, the working hours can often be chosen flexibly and amount to a maximum of 20 hours per week. Ideally, you have already gained experience in the chosen area and have usually already completed your primary studies. Your job includes assisting the company’s employees with essential tasks and projects – the working student benefits from necessary contacts and professional experience. Often a part-time job can also be an opportunity for a later career in the chosen profession. It is not uncommon for student assistants and working students with good work to be considered for the last career entry.

How to write a college resume

Without a complete resume, your application has no chance of success because companies pay special attention to this part of their documents to get an idea of ​​your qualifications.Even if you do not have a long career as a career starter, you can use it to your advantage and collect plus points with relevant knowledge and skills. In this way, you show that you have something to offer and that a personal conversation with you is worthwhile. Use our designed college resume template to professionally stage your resume and stand out from the rest of the candidates for the vacancy.

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