Mechanical engineer resume template

mechanical engineer resume template

Download mechanical engineer resume template and customize it


Are you looking for a CV template as a mechanical engineer specializing in energy technology? You will find it on this page. Increase your chances of success by submitting a convincing resume.

How to write a mechanical engineer resume

As a mechanical engineer specializing in energy technology, you have a degree. Your occupational activities include the planning and commissioning of energy supply and energy distribution systems as well as the development and implementation of energy management concepts. Employment is possible, for example, in companies that build photovoltaic systems.

With your application as a mechanical engineer specializing in power engineering, you usually come into contact with the company for the first time. So bear in mind that they don’t know you there and that they can only get an idea of ​​your qualities based on your CV.

You should therefore use the opportunity, especially in your CV, to show that you are suitable for the advertised position. For this purpose, you should pay attention not only to the correct form but also to the content.

What to include in a mechanical engineer resume

Personal data such as name and address are just as important as detailed information about your training and previous positions in your job. Also, it is a good idea to use your CV to discuss your knowledge and skills. Inform your potential new employer, for example, about your experience in areas such as geothermal energy, environmental technology, and thermodynamics. By providing a thorough insight into your skills here, you show that you are a good choice for the company.

What does a mechanical engineer resume look like

Given the high levels of competition, you may have to face, be careful when writing your application. Complete documents consist at least of a cover letter, copies of certificates, and CV. The latter is often the first thing employers look at. You should therefore ensure that you deliver convincing content and, in addition to your professional career, also address existing additional qualifications and special knowledge.

Of course, it is not enough to simply type your CV in the form of a simple list. Because that leaves an unprofessional impression and usually leads directly to a rejection. You should therefore also pay the necessary attention to the graphic preparation and use a suitable template if necessary. It is best to use our resume template for your application as a mechanical engineer specializing in power engineering.

Files included in the mechanical engineer resume package:

  • 1 Page Resume Template
  • 2 Page Resume Template
  • Cover Letter Template (thank you card)
  • Microsoft Word (.docx) files
  • US Letter and A4 size
  • Free Fonts
  • File FAQ Help Guide
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