Interior design resume template

interior design resume template

Download Interior designer resume template and customize it

With our resume template for interior designers, you make sure that you don’t forget anything important.


Are you looking for a resume template as an interior designer? We have what you need. Convince your potential new employer with the proper application documents.

As an interior designer, it is your job to design rooms. In doing so, you take into account the wishes of your customers and put them into practice. Her activities include laying flooring, cladding the walls with wallpaper and the like, and decorating windows.

In addition to the practical implementation, you are also responsible for planning the redesign. To work as an interior designer, you must first complete a three-year training course. In most cases, you will find employment in small companies and less often in companies specializing in equipping commercial buildings such as hotels.

How to write a interior designer resume?

Your application is usually the first contact with a new employer. The employer must use your documents to get an idea of ​​whether you meet his requirements or not. Even if you work in the trade, you should make an effort and ensure that you make a convincing first impression. Only then will you have the chance to introduce yourself in a personal conversation.

Don’t just use your resume for standard information. Of course, your personal information and details about your career must be included. What is more interesting for an employer, however, is what skills you have to offer. So you can also use your experience in areas such as selecting colors and fabrics for curtains and wallpaper or the design of window decorations and showing that you understand your craft.

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