Wildlife Manager Resume

Career Summary:

Enthusiastic and physically fit wildlife manager with over 4+ years of experience. Dedicated and committed individual, capable of implementing government regulations for the protection of animals, habitat restoration, and initiating strategies that assist in boosting state’s wildlife percentage.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound ability to do research & collect required data on wildlife population and prepare reports on diffferent species

  • Expertise in researching habitat area and studying peculiar animal behaviors

  • Experience of protecting natural resources and endangered species

  • Ability to coordinate with team to save animals from hunting or illegal poaching in the assigned territory

  • Capable of conducting surveys to give exact count of animal species residing in the territory, and taking initiatives to save animals on the verge of extinction

  • Sound knowledge of mental and health conditions of animals affecting their behavior

  • In-depth knowledge of federals’ wildlife regulation and laws

  • Team player and excellent communicator

Work Experience:

Wildlife Manager

Wildlife Protection & Removal Services, Bloomington, MN

February 2017 – Present

  • Conducting population survey to understand different species in the state, and assigning each animal an RFID tag that is useful for tracking their movements

  • Participating in state surveys to count animals such as great gray owls, bald eagles, wolves, black footed ferret and migratory birds

  • Gathering data from various wildlife biologist on moose, elk or fishes to suggest breeding techniques and management programs

  • Taking immediate rescue actions to save animals from forest fires, natural calamities, and other emergencies

  • Conducting rescue operations for animals trapped in trenches or quagmire

  • Collaborating with government to decide hunting seasons for maintaining the level of population in the state

  • Conducting lectures in public forums and providing information about wildlife safety, and the regulations to be followed

Wildlife Manager

Johnson Wildlife Survey & Services Group, Golden Street, MN

August 2014 – January 2017

  • Collaborated with inter-state agencies and USFWS when search warrants were issued to track animals for counting purpose

  • Coordinated with team and informed on walkie-talkie or radio about missing animals that could not be tracked using satellite signals

  • Caught small mammals of different species and conducted lab experiments by collecting samples, and released them again in forests or national parks

  • Handled calls from locals about disturbances by wild animals, and supervised rescue team to carry out necessary actions to save people and animals like cougar, bobcat, or Canada lynx

  • Developed restoration plans for animals whose habitats had been destroyed for government projects or due to real estates

  • Monitored all complaints and helped to resolve conflicts by taking necessary actions

  • Assisted veterinary doctors to perform medical examination on ailing animals, and provided timely medications

Wildlife Biologist

Johnson Wildlife Survey & Services Group, Golden Street, MN

June 2012 – July 2014

  • Carried out research on the ecosystems, forests in the state, and prepared reports on animal population as per species

  • Collaborated with professionals from other organizations, and worked to save endangered wildlife species by getting restriction orders from the government

  • Conducted studies on the impact of commercialization and human behavior on wildlife

  • Created and provided technical reports for CEQA and NEPA after doing thorough analysis

  • Traveled to remote locations to study migration patterns of birds, captured their habits, and created a short documentary to raise awareness

  • Participated in campaigns that were carried out to count biodiversity percentage and prepared field maps accordingly

  • Took efforts for habitat restoration of animals, birds, fishes and ensured no illegal authorization happened at the place


  • Master’s Degree in Wildlife Management

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolios, MN


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science & Ecology

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolios, MN



  • Wildlife Society of Minnesota – Member since 2012

    PETA – Member since 2011


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