Web developer resume template

web developer resume template

Download web developer resume template as an editable Word document


Are you tired of sending out resumes and not receiving any calls? Don’t take this on alone, especially in this economy. Writing your resume can be very challenging and intimidating. This resume template will turn your resume into what it needs to be. A valuable marketing tool! The template will pay for itself. Take charge of your success!

How to write a web developer resume?

  • Carefully analyze your particular work history, educational background, and other life experience so that you come across in the best way possible for the job you’re seeking.
  • Look for “red flags” in your past that might cause your resume to be discarded, then devise a strategy to minimize their impact, helping you land the interview and the job.
  • Place emphasis on those work skills and experience that best qualify you for the position.
  • Help you create your “unique selling proposition”—the reason why you should be hired over all other candidates for the job.
  • Eliminate extraneous background information that isn’t needed or might detract from the impact of your resume.
  • Perform a keyword analysis of your resume that match your job search preferences.
  • Create a highly professional look and feel to the printed version of your resume through the use of formatting, “white space”.

Of course, a great resume is only great if it gets you the interview you want. When you land an interview (hopefully making you a perfectly satisfied customer), we know there’s a good chance you’ll tell your friends and associates about us if you will get success.

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