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Career Objective:

A Civil Engineering graduate with extensive working experience related to water projects and supervisory experience working for water treatment projects, seeks a challenging role as a water quality engineer in a leading construction corporation.

Professional strengths:

  • Familiar with civil and sanitary engineering principles and practices
  • Extensive knowledge of methods and techniques of water and waste water treatment
  • Comprehensive knowledge of treatment plant design including development of concept and preliminary design along with preparation of design document
  • Ability to plan, organize, research and develop water quality control programs
  • Possess excellent communication, supervisory and monitoring skills
  • Proven leadership with sound organizational and management skills

Professional Experience:

Organization: Public Work Department, Boston
Duration: April 2013 till date
Designation: Water Quality Engineer

  • Conduct environmental research studies relating to protection of water sheds and water resources
  • Provide consultant service to other departments, agencies and divisions in areas of water resource protection and environmental engineering
  • Coordinate all departmental programs and activities related to transmission, storage and distribution of water systems
  • Handle responsibilities of supervising the preliminary and final surveys for treatment plant sites
  • Supervise the collection and analysis of statistical data
  • Responsible for preparing construction plans and drawings

Organization: Department of Water Resource, Boston
Duration: June 2010 to January 2013
Designation: Water Treatment Plant Operator

  • Responsible for maintaining the water treatment plant systems to ensure availability of clean water supply
  • Handle tasks of repairing components of water treatment plants including water storage vessels, pipes, chemical treatment equipment controls and circulation pumps
  • Perform responsibilities of inspecting treatment plant systems to ensure effective operations on a daily basis
  • Responsible for preparing budget and financial reports for water/drainage systems
  • Conduct inspections of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems
  • Inspect and recommend on purchase of goods and equipment

Educational Summary:

Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Boston Engineering College


Will be available upon request.

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