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Career Objective:

Dedicated, compassionate, and friendly ‘Veterinarian’ with over 5+ years of experience in diagnosing sickness/ailments in various animals, informing about necessary vaccinations, and providing quality treatment to help them regain optimal health. Capable of guiding animal owners on food intake, hygiene, reproduction, and sanitation of the animal shelter. Ability to work in a team, and possess excellent organizational, and communication skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Experienced in diagnosing and treating health issues, fractures, skin diseases, digestive problems, etc. in animals

  • Possess sound knowledge of dietary needs of different animals along with the required levels of exercise, routine activities, and hygiene

  • Capable of recognizing symptoms, as well as recommending appropriate medicines to ensure fast recovery

  • Adept in inspecting pet animals, livestock animals, horses, and aquarium animals

  • Expertise in coordinating with the team to treat limb injuries, dental problems and for performing complicated surgeries on pets and animals

  • Ability to guide pet owners on diet, behavior, vaccination, and infection control

  • Team player with exceptional management, and interpersonal skills

Work Experience


THRIVE Vet Care, Little Rock, AR

April 2017 – Present

  • Advising farm as well as livestock owners on various topics such as animal feeding and reproduction concerns, hygiene and sanitation, and maintaining optimal sanitary condition

  • Giving lectures to pet owners on preventive health-care, nutrition, and vaccination for pets

  • Examining animals, and preparing accurate plan of care to provide quality treatment

  • Understanding owner’s grievances about abnormal or changed behavior in pets, and asking questions to determine the cause of change in routine, food intake, and suggesting ways to interact with pets

  • Treating a wide range of ailments such as skin issues, surgeries, feline leukemia, etc.

  • Coordinating with senior veterinarians to take x-rays of injured animals, setting broken limbs, and performing surgeries as necessary

  • Visiting horse racetrack centers to treat and dress wounds of the racing horses, treating injuries, setting fractures, and performing surgeries as required

  • Vaccinating the animals at livestock and ranch farms, and recommending appropriate medicines in cases concerned with botulism caused due to improperly sterilized meat-food


Cooper Pet Hospital, Little Rock, AR

October 2015 – April 2017

  • Performed services of various types of animals such as spaying, neutering as per the owner’s wish to control birth rate

  • Treated injured animals at zoos, and gave appropriate medicines for fast recovery

  • Examined health issues in livestock, and suggested placing terminally ill animals in quarantine places to prevent the spread of communicable diseases

  • Inspected the zoo’s meat processing facilities to ensure its compliance with the government regulations, and gave detailed information on food needs for each animal species

  • Developed a strong rapport with pets and pet owners, and provided exceptional service during routine medical checkups to ensure optimum health of animals

  • Carried out various duties such as overseeing clinical health problems of different animals, prescribing treatment, monitoring case progress, and reporting to government personnel about sick animals

  • Maintained animal’s medical as well as surgical records in the hospital’s database, and made certain all necessary logs are kept updated through established protocols


Veterinary Assistant

Kriste Pet-care Center, Little Rock, AR

May 2013 – October 2015

  • Worked under the supervision of senior veterinarians to determine nature of disease or illnesses in animals

  • Assisted in providing vaccinations to common household pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits

  • Visited owners to provide care and services for newly-born pets, and gave a detailed explanation about vaccination program

  • Helped in taking x-rays of the animal to determine the seriousness of injury, and prescribed medicines

  • Inoculated admitted animals to strengthen immunity levels, and assisted during surgical procedures

  • Maintained up-to-date records of the registered animal’s vaccination schedules, and sent a reminder to the owner

  • Conducted counseling sessions for first-time pet adopters, and gave them a detailed description about behavior, eating habits, exercise routine, and grooming


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR


  • Bachelor’s in Veterinary Science

    University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR



  • Veterinary Licensing

    North American Veterinary Medicine Board, Little Rock, AR



On request.

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