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Career Objective:

Looking for ‘around the clock’ position as the telecommunications technician that utilizes my extensive skills & experience.

Experience Summary:

    21 years of experience in maintenance, installation, operation, and fix of communications equipments; comprising SONET & linear light wave system, radio with stress on digital and analog microwave, and telephone controls & PBXs. Skilled in computer.

Equipment experience:

  • Digital Radio: TRW AN/FRC: 17x series, NEC 800 Mk 2
  • Analog Radio: AN/FRC-127, AN/GRC-169, Siemens EM-400;-8000, Microwave Associate MA-12/G
  • Light waves: LTS-1565, LTS-3139 & Alcatel 1648, Nortel OC-48, Fujitsu 405
  • Digital Multiplexer: Fujitsu M13A, Alcatel DMX-3003, NEC RC-28D, AN/FCC-98; 99;100, Nortel DMT-300
  • Frame Relay: Cascaded BSTDX-9000
  • Switches: DSC DEX-400 & -600, Nortel DMS-500
  • Accesses: Nortel Access Node & Express
  • Digital Crossconnect System: Tell abs-530,-532, Tell abs Titan-5500, DSC 1X0, Alcatel 1631
  • Analog Multiplexer: ITT/FEC AN/FCC-32, Motorola MC-50, Siemens VZ-12/V60, Lenkurt 46A3-SC
  • CPE: VINA, Motorola, Adtran, Access Node Express

Test Equipments:

  • TTC T-BERD 305, 310, 209, 950, 224, 201 T1 and T3 test suites, TauTron 5200 and 5250 T3 test suites, Centest 650, 5208 and 5104 T1 sets.
  • REACT-2001 & HLI REACT-2000 remote testing with the 6700-series sets.
  • Analog & Digital multimeters, digital storage scope, oscilloscopes, signal generators, audio channel test suites, frequency counters, mixers, pads, attenuators, spectrum analyzers, time domain refractometer, microwave link analyzer, different telecommunications test sets, video inclusion test sets & monitors.


  • Telecom OC-48 (Northern)
  • NEC 800 MkII Microwave Radio (Digital)
  • Telecom Access Node & Access Node Express (Northern)
  • HLI REACT-2001, PM Integrator, DS3 & PVS testing
  • Additional certificates of the training in different business & technical courses;

Employment History:

Tester/Packer (01/2008 to Present)

TPI/AirMar Technology

  • Do quality control checks and testing on the sonar transducers and temperature and speed sensors. Carry out last assembly & pack for shipping.

Sales Associate (04/2007 to 11/2007)


  • Performed in retails sales, helping customers in positioning and deciding goods, comprising ammunitions, and ring up transactions. Stored shelves and put up merchandise shows. Distributed state fishing and hunting licenses.

Job Search (11/2006 to 03/2007)

Job hunt and doing the odd jobs to pay the bills: house repairs, chores, etc.

Security Officer (05/2004 to 09/2006)

Security Services Inc., USA

  • Do exterior & interior patrols of a commercial facility. Control inspection cameras and the intrusion detection system. Carry out weekly tests of the security systems.

Web master (01/2004 to 07/2004)

Jews for Protection of Firearms Possession, Inc.

  • Modified whole website. Monitored and handled all emails for the JPFO’s domain.
  • Carried out additions and revises numerous times/week. Managed JPFO’s email aware list.

Editor (05/2002 to 12/2003)

Doing Freedom!

  • Web master and editor for the online magazine. Obtained it from weekly publications to monthly magazines, and raised the site traffic by 1000% +.

Writer[Self-employed] (08/1999 to 04/2002)

  • Authored a number of published articles and small stories/month, and published book which achieved critical acclaim.

Lead Technician (Tech 4) (03/1999 to 08/1999)

nter medias Communications, Inc.

  • Worked, maintained and renovated Central Offices, with DMS-500 switches, and Tell abs digital equipment.
  • Offered data and voice services. Installation and maintenance customer basis equipment.

Network Operations Technician (08/1997 to 09/1998)

McLeod, USA

  • Done telecommunications network operation, surveillance and troubleshooting.
  • Tested and turned up new circuits. Made extensive utilization of the Hekimian REACT testing systems.

Field Operations Technician (01/1997 to 08/1997)


  • Run POP, with numerous makes of the T1/T3 multiplexers, SONET transmission system, comprising the Nortel OC-48s, OC-96s.

Computer-electronics technician/writer (03/1996 to 01/1997)

Network Technician (04/1995 to 02/1996)

IXZ Communications, Inc.

  • Maintained a sequence of microwave radio sites, included digital radio for voice and/data traffics and analog radio for a NTSC video traffic.
  • Accountable for maintaining entire ancillary equipment, including backup generators & battery plants.