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Career Objective:

Dedicated, knowledgeable, and competent Telecommunications Specialist with over 6+ years of experience in installing systems, identifying malfunctioning components or managing repairs. Ability to perform duties related to cabling, network setup, preparation of user manuals, and ensuring optimum system functionality by measuring performance. Capable of coordinating with the team and solving clients’ problems.

Summary of Skills

  • Exceptional knowledge of installation, repairs and maintenance of telecommunications systems

  • Adept in identifying faulty components of the system and arranging for replacement of parts

    or implementing troubleshooting procedures to ensure maximum functionality

  • Familiar with telecommunications system, including cables, access lines, network system, computer peripherals, wiring, and circuits

  • Capable of performing various tasks, including equipment testing, handling IMAC activities, and setting up LAN/WAN connectivity networks

  • Expertise in recognizing malfunctioning telecommunication system components by preparing appropriate root-cause-analysis (RCA) reports, and suggesting possible solutions

  • Possess exceptional problem-solving skills, and ability to remain calm under pressure during tight deadlines

  • Team player with excellent organizational and communication skills

Work Experience

Telecommunications Specialist

CENTRA Technology Inc., Charlotte, NC

November 2016 – Present

  • Designing, developing, testing, and supervising the development, installation and operation of electronic equipment such as telecommunication networks, broadcast and communication systems

  • Supervising the team in construction, modification and upgrade of telecommunications systems, including purchase and testing of equipment or replacement of parts

  • Ensuring the installation or maintenance of commonly used equipment at clients’ site is according to the contract agreements

  • Assessing existing client network to identify the need for additional equipment or systems such as phones, pagers, switches in LAN or other proven commercial technologies

  • Coordinating with the telecommunication system developers to prepare user manuals or guides, including troubleshooting of basic issues

  • Participating in monthly meetings to oversee IMAC activity for voice and video systems, and plan accordingly using judgment of existing equipment, capabilities, and required outcomes

  • Monitoring and maintaining positive working relationships with clients and assisting the support department to resolve issues through excellent customer service skills

Telecommunications Specialist

Joplin Networks Pvt. Ltd., Charlotte, NC

March 2014 – October 2016

  • Tested the circuits or components of malfunctioning telecommunications equipment to identify and isolate the sources of malfunctions using test meters, circuit diagrams, polarity probes, and other hand tools

  • Conducted tests on newly installed, repaired or replaced equipment to ensure adherence to its functionality, and compliance with specifications

  • Assisted clients in understanding new and varied types of services, and provided the best suitable for their requirements

  • Performed regular assessment of the installed equipment to set up, rearrange, remove switching, and dialing equipment, LAN networks within the company’s premises

  • Coordinated with team responsible for installation, repair, and maintenance of telephone equipment, cables, access lines, and telecommunication system

  • Managed repair or replacement of faulty equipment such as damaged and defective telephones, wires, network, switching system components, and associated equipment

  • Worked closely with the team to define requirements, including transmission capacity planning for client projects related communications, signal processing, or control systems


Telecommunications Technician

FirstEnergy Corporation, Charlotte, NC

August 2012 – February 2014

  • Worked with the team to install, maintain or repair voice, data and wireless communication systems by visiting the end users

  • Coordinated with other interns to handle responsibility related to prioritizing, diagnosing, and troubleshooting reported problems for telecommunication equipment on remote places

  • Visited client offices on-site to install, configure or upgrade existing telecommunication equipment, including analog phones, IP phones, fax machines, pagers and PA systems

  • Collaborated with the support team to handle issues and overall service of the company’s product at assigned customer sites

  • Assisted in the replacement of basic software, and hardware components, and scheduled timely repairs for maintenance

  • Handled installation of security/fire alarms, residential cable installations, MDU installations as well as other tasks associated with telecommunication-related projects

  • Maintained telecommunications equipment at client-site


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics

    University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC



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