Technical Engineer Resume

Academic Background

  • Accomplish Associate Degree in technical engineering from the Boston Poly Technique University, Boston in the year of 1996 at Information System as the major
  • Acquire Bachelor of Science Degree from the Indianapolis Poly Technique University, Indianapolis in the year of 1992 at technical engineering with applied computational mathematics as the major subject.

Computer Programming Skills

  • Practiced Hardware Tools: VAX, Intel Touchstone Delta, Unix Workstations with numbers of DSP chips with array processors, TC/IP configuration LAN and Networking.
  • Practiced Operating Systems: Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Unix, MS DOS
  • Practiced Programming Language: Pascal, Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Java, Java Swing, Python
  • Practiced HTML Editing Tools: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive
  • Practiced Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook Express

Obtained Affiliations and Certificates

  • Obtained affiliations in Macintosh components repairing
  • Obtained accreditation certificate from Hewlett- Packard for repairing their manufactured goods
  • Got affiliation from CNE Network Engineers

Professional background

1998- Present date: Work as the Technical Engineer at the Deep Purple Organization, New York with following job responsibilities

  • Provide necessary planning, coordinating and Network installation with configuring and maintaining several operations for adequate service contract information
  • Provide essential hardware and software for the same reason
  • Formulate valuable service schedules and programs for ensuring quality delivery and cost effective technical jobs
  • Deliver necessary monitoring and maintenance for cost efficient tools, materials and supplies
  • Provide various testing and investigating procedures and formulate improvement measures to all accessible procedures
  • Provide proper analytical methods for various client equipments and determining service and supply requirements
  • Provide proper time management and tasks to work under tough deadline with quantity routine standard
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