Teacher resume examples

Teachers take care of teaching, from kindergarten to university, through college, institute, support classes, and extracurricular activities. If you want to work in private education, you must develop a good resume that shows your experience and specialties.

How to write a resume for a teacher job

In primary school, the mission of a teacher is to teach reading, writing, mathematics, but also to educate in values ​​such as coexistence and companionship. In secondary and high school, the different subjects become more important and teachers are more specialized in one or more subjects: language and literature, mathematics, philosophy, foreign languages, physics and chemistry, history and geography. In higher education, students University professors, sometimes, in addition to teaching experience, have experience in the work field they teach.

Teacher job description

The profession of a teacher means a lot of responsibility. After all, teachers have some influence on whether young people can finish school, learn a profession, or study at a university. On the other hand, teachers are not only there to impart knowledge and certain skills. As a rule, they are also an important reference person for their students and help with problems in school as well as in private.

The activities of teachers are very versatile and above demanding. Because every class is different and every child has his character. Not an easy task – and that does not end the teacher’s area of ​​responsibility. Because teachers have many other tasks.

When it comes to resumes, teachers can also rely on our resume templates (elementary teacher and teacher resume ) – the choice is even greater here. Because unlike in the letter of motivation, you do not have to comply with any requirements that only apply to teachers.

In other words: both key account managers and teachers can use the same template for their CV. In both professions, the aim is to briefly explain the previous training path to the HR manager. So simply choose one of our templates and fill it in with your data and stations.
Our tip: Find out more about the school to which you would like to apply and try to refer to your CV. If, for example, certain working groups are offered in which you could provide support, you should point this out in the “Special skills” or “Hobbies” section.

If you want to work as a teacher you will have to develop a good resume. Follow these tips to help you find a new job. Don’t neglect the design of the resume. Of course, the content is the most important thing and what they will value when hiring you, however, an attractive and professional design will capture the attention of the person who reads your resume and you will have more opportunities. The simplest thing is to use a teacher resume templates or resume examples below, so you only have to worry about the content. If you still decide to create your design, you must follow some rules. Use a professional typeface. Structure and organize the content well with clear and prominent titles that differ from each other.