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Career Objective:

Detail-oriented, alert, and organized ‘Surgical Technologist’ with 5+ years of experience in preparing operation room and patients, explaining surgical procedure to patients, and resolving their queries. Capable of shifting patients to the operation theater, doing proper verification, and helping surgeons as necessary.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound experience in preparing operation room for various kinds of procedures, arranging surgical instruments, and spraying disinfectants post surgery

  • Expertise in assisting surgeons during the surgery, and taking post-surgery care of patients

  • Proficient in giving information on patient status to circulating nurse, and alerting surgeons during unanticipated situations

  • Adept in maintaining total count of sponges, needles, syringes prior to and post surgery to avoid negligence or mishaps

  • Expertise in sterilizing instruments used in surgical processing, and discarding sponges and other material to prevent spread of infectious ailments among staff, patient’s family members

  • Capable of monitoring the surgical room equipment to make note of patient’s vital stats and perform proper cleaning/bandaging post the surgery

  • Team player with excellent critical thinking, organizational, and communication skills

Work Experience:

Surgical Technologist

Olympia Medical Center, Canton, MS

November 2017 – Present

  • Assisting the surgeon during operation procedure by passing instruments like scissors, chapel and others, holding organs, and retracting incision site for better view

  • Performing accurate count of sponges, needles, and other materials used in the surgery after each layer closer to ensure nothing is left inside the patient

  • Handing over collected specimens from the operation bed directly to the circulating nurse, and clearly communicating identification of each sample to avoid confusion

  • Collecting used surgical instruments for cleaning and sterilization, and disposing utilized syringes, sponges to avoid spread of infections among staff

  • Helping nurses to move the patient from operating room to his/her private room, and spraying disinfectants prior to shifting to avoid bacterial infections

  • Providing surgeons, physicians, and nurses with apparels, gloves as well as masks prior to the surgery, and aiding to wash hands with antiseptic post operation

  • Helping surgical team in providing intra-operative care to patients by preparing and monitoring equipment, passing instruments, and maintaining sterile room

  • Handling various tasks such as sterilizing equipment, ensuring adequate supplies in OR, applying bandage to patient, and disinfecting incision areas post the procedure

Surgical Technologist

St. Dominic Hospital, Canton, MS

April 2015 – October 2017

  • Coordinated with housekeeping stuff and nurses to clean the operating room after surgery, and lowered the risk of infections

  • Assisted surgeons during the surgical procedure by handing him/her required instruments

  • Assembled appropriate supplies/equipment for the operative procedure by taking into account age-related factors and needs for pediatric, adolescent, adult or geriatric patients

  • Collaborated with clinical nurse to ensure accuracy of sponge, cotton, needle, and instrument counts throughout the surgery

  • Assisted in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation as required during an arrest

  • Obtained patients’ details such as vital stats, and allergy issues to ensure there is no communication gap, and applied sterile drapes

  • Informed pertinent procedural information to circulating nurse, including supply needs, changes in procedure, and unexpected situations in the OR


Surgical Technologist (part-time)

Carolina Health-care Center, Canton, MS

August 2013 – March 2015

  • Received a list of supplies required for the surgical procedure, and examined the surgeon’s preferences to determine the organization of the room

  • Coordinated with other surgical technologists to ensure sterilization of instruments in the operation room, and spread of infections

  • Ensured that the autoclaves at health-care center are functioning properly for sterile processing, and cleaning of dirty/used instruments

  • Assisted nursing personnel in shifting patients from and to the operation room

  • Maintained a sterile environment before, during, and after the surgery, and helped in reducing the rate of infection in patients

  • Collected the needed instruments and supplies as required for each procedure, and arranged them in a specific order for ease of handling


  • Associate’s Degree in Surgical Technology

    Mississippi College, Canton, MS


  • Diploma in Human Anatomy

    Mississippi College, Canton, MS



On request.

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