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Career Objective:

Self-motivated, dedicated, and certified ‘Speech Therapist’ with 6+ years of experience in diagnosing and providing treatment for patients suffering from language/speech disorders. Adept in conducting therapy and counseling sessions, giving advice to patient’s family members and observing progress to decide on the course of treatment. Compassionate and friendly team player with excellence in organization and interpersonal skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of various types of speech, language and cognitive communication disorders and treatments

  • Possess expertise in observing, diagnosing, and conducting pathological tests on patients to determine the illness for recommending appropriate medication

  • Capable of suggesting speech therapy sessions for patients suffering from congenital diseases, stroke, brain injury, and other illnesses such as autism, larynx cancer, or swallowing disorders

  • Adept in conducting counseling sessions for deaf/dumb patients to teach them sign language, and assist them in managing daily activities

  • Ability to collaborate with other medical personnel to provide quality care for patients, and regularly observe them to make accurate progress reports

  • Outstanding mastery in operating various computer applications, and maintain updated patient records

  • Team player with exceptional organizational, decision-making and communication skills

Work Experience:

Speech Therapist

Keck Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

August 2017 – Present

  • Administering various standardized tests to identify neurological problems that interfere with speech or language

  • Working with patients suffering from cognitive communication disorders such as difficulty in organizing thoughts, paying attention, loss of memory due to various reasons like strokes, brain injury, or dementia, and providing quality care

  • Providing recommended frequency and duration therapy for all patients, and assisting to reschedule sessions for outpatients who have missed a class during treatment

  • Re-evaluating patients at designated intervals to ascertain their cognitive ability, and altering the treatment plan as needed

  • Providing diagnosis and treatment to patients with speech, language, and swallowing disorders by prescribing medicines, and conducting speech pathology therapy

  • Assisting patients in pronouncing certain words starting from a particular vowel or consonant to improve efficiency of communication

  • Conducting counseling sessions for the patient’s family to explain about the disorder and advising them about dealing with his condition

  • Coordinating with other medical personnel to help in improving speech ability for patients undergoing treatment for stroke, cerebral palsy, trauma or severe brain injuries

Speech Therapist

Baptist Memorial Health-care Center, San Francisco, CA

January 2015 – July 2017

  • Provided diagnostic and rehabilitative services to patients with cognitive, communication, and swallowing impairments to improve skills as well as restore function

  • Administered diagnostic tests, and planned individualized treatment for a variety of communication disorders, voice and swallowing impairment, and neurological defects in patients

  • Collaborated with other speech therapists to provide augmentative and alternative communication systems for patients with severe expressive or language comprehensive illnesses such as autism spectrum disorder, and progressive neurological disorder

  • Organized specialized speech-language therapy sessions for patients facing swallowing disorders, and for those who have undergone surgery for removal of larynx

  • Worked with patients taking treatment for stutter, stammer and lisp by teaching them various types of vocal exercises for improving diction as well as articulation

  • Maintained up-to-date record of patient’s progress by writing summarized reports, and modified the course of treatment as necessary

  • Conducted counseling sessions for patients facing social communication disorders, including various problems such as greeting, commenting, asking questions or responding to requests


Assistant Speech Therapist

Christos Health Clinic, San Francisco, CA

October 2012 – December 2014

  • Worked closely with doctors, nursing aide and other medical personnel to provide treatment to patients suffering from various language, speech, and swallowing disorders

  • Obtained background information and determined appropriate tests to be conducted on patients

  • Coordinated with audiologists to work with old patients who have lost communication ability due to strokes, and accidents, and taught them sign language

  • Collaborated with senior speech therapists to plan, direct or conduct rehabilitation treatment programs for patients to restore communication efficiency

  • Assisted nursing personnel to take care of patients who have undergone cleft palate surgeries for teaching and improving pronunciation of words or letters

  • Performed laboratory tests and swallow evaluations on patients taking treatment for stroke or brain injury to avoid choking due to food or liquids

  • Conducted speech therapy and counseling sessions for patients who stammer, stutter or face difficulties in expressing thoughts

  • Attended to patients facing speech disorders due to various reasons like psychological trauma, congenital defects, and made appropriate plan of care for recovery


  • Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology

    University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, CA


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences

    University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, CA



  • Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology

    American Speech-Language Hearing Association



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